MetGala who? Street style is what's good.

For decades, if not centuries, the red carpet has been synonymous with ‘making it’. Standing there in a fabulous outfit, facing the multitude of flashing lights meant you were on top of your game and you knew those images were going to be sold to magazines and online publications for everyone to look through and lust over. Designers would place their latest collections on the hottest celebrity faces and magazines would feature ‘get her look’ articles causing people all over the world would try to inject a little glam in their lives by emulating their style.
Now, thanks to living in the digital age, anyone with a keen eye and a good photographer can project their outfits to the world and gain recognition, and in the cases of super bloggers like Chiara Ferragni or Margaret Zhang make a living of sharing their style and inspiring people to buy into their world. But herein lies the beauty of street style. You don’t have to ‘BE’ anyone to create a following. Fashion weeks all over the world are testament to this. Once the megastars and their head-to-toe couture have taken their seats in the hallowed halls of the Grand Palais or Carriage Works the real fun begins. Ordinary people with a passion for the fashion industry come out to be snapped by photographers in looks they have pulled and styled (and usually purchased) themselves, for the love of it.
While Street Style is by no means a new phenomenon there is something so pure about getting clocked by photographers waiting outside the shows based purely on how awesome your outfit is. And even the big guns started as ordinary people who could really rock putting an outfit together. Ferragni might now be almost a household name (who’s blog, The Blonde Salad, was rated as being more influential that last year) but she started off by getting her boyfriend to take pictures of her looks and putting them on Flickr of all places. Zhang is now a talent powerhouse, in front of and behind the lens, who frequently documents finishing her law school assignments between shows but it was her trademark masculine/feminine style mashup vibe that got her snapped in the first place.

Street style is a step away from the industry telling the consumer what to buy through their new collection presentations and instead being inspired by how ordinary people take a part of that collection and incorporate it into their wardrobe. In essence it allows us create our very own daily red carpets laden with outfits we adore and to be inspired by people from all over the world.

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