We Have a Girl Crush on Pip McManus.


Fashion illustrator Pip McManus has said that she draws the girls she wants to look like and the clothes she wants to wear.

That statement is a little ironic because among most of the girls I know Pip is a common girl crush for her talent, gorgeous smile and amazing wardrobe....I mean, the girl wore VALENTINO to her wedding!

Laid back and always enthusiastic, Pip is always such a pleasure to chat with. We recently visited her at her new pad to take a few snaps and pick up one of her gorgeous girls to take home with us. Dressed in a Dolce and Gabbana jacket purchased in LA en route to the airport home, pants by best friend Garth Cook and shoes by Luiza Barchelos, she sat down with us and talked about life, art and buying shoes even though you cant walk in them because they are pretty.

 What influences made you decide to be a fashion illustrator? 

I suppose originally, catalogues and little look books my mum had lying around the house. My mum was a folk artist working in fashion retail and my dad was an engraver so I was always encouraged to draw. In high school I started designing and drawing my own collections and ranges but never made them, that was the fun part, the hard part was making them. Then later my illustration lecturer at fashion school Robin Alexander.

Favourite exhibition?

Of mine or someone else's? Mine: ‘A Is For Arizona’, Someone else’s: Stormie Mills, any of them!

Most memorable moment in regards to your work? 

Winning the Mary Katrantzou competition and flying to London to draw backstage and see her show. I still have to pinch my self to believe that happened!

Have you ever had a challenging moment with your illustrations and what kept you going?

Nothing too specific, plagiarism hurts, running out of inspiration is awful and having to turn down awesome jobs because of time restraints is bitter sweet. But I can't imagine doing anything else for the rest of my life so there is kind of like a silent steady drive to just keep going that never disappears.

Is there anything exciting in the works?

I’m having an exhibition in April in Sydney to coincide with MBFWA, that is pretty exciting! It will be at Friends Of Leon Gallery in Surry Hills. Also some magazine work, lots of commissions lined up and a cosmetics company advertisement (and a bunch of stuff I cant be specific about!)

What/who are your biggest influences? 

The newest, latest fashion season and model. If I had 5 years to draw the clothes or the girls from every season it still wouldn’t be enough, I try and squeeze the best parts out. I never get a chance to really get over them because the next one comes along so soon!

Where is your favourite hangout or secret spot of Perth?

I tend to be a massive creature of habit, if a new place opens I will discover it on its 2nd anniversary. I go to the same places constantly till the staff know my name or order off by heart, it gets embarrassing. I love The Bird and Clarences, I don’t really mix it up too much other than those two places.

Should I say Jarrad Seng’s house?! Haha.

The event or exhibition your most excited about coming up in Perth?

PFF 2014! Anything at Venn Gallery too, they always have great shows. Oh and there is an Asahi event next week I’m pretty pumped about because I love beer!

Favourite or most prized piece in your wardrobe?

A beautiful Christian Lacroix 70’s silk shirt given to me by a very dear friend. She said she used to wear it a lot back when she got it but thought I would appreciate it more now than her. It has his incredible fashion illustrations in the most amazing colours all over it, upside down girls, back to front girls all wearing feathers and ruffles and fishnet stockings. I love it to death! (pictured below)

The things you can't live without?

My wonderful husband, Pinterest, creativity, morning coffees and evening wines.

The quote/ mantra your currently living by?

I hate quotes! I’m so frustrated by all the quote posting on FB and Insta! I was trying to work out the other day why it irks me so much and maybe it’s because I’m much more influenced by beautiful images instead of words.


What an absolute babe. To check out more of Pip’s work go to her facebook page at and her Instagram page at

(Image credit: Kai Ridley)

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