The Boyfriend Shirt Loves Bunkers Wine.

Ok, real talk here, I love a good wine. I never used to ‘get’ wine and thought it either tasted like vinegar or ants (yep, ants) and I still remember the first bottle I ever liked. I was in the Rhone Valley and (ignorantly) not being impressed with the offerings available I was offered a red from Spain which I immediately decided I loved and drunk the whole bottle.

Ever since then wine and I have been great friends but that first taste of Tempranillo has always been my favorite and I always buy it whenever I see it. Most restaurants and bottle shops do stock one or two Tempranillos but they are inevitably from Spain or Chile and while that is nice I do like to buy locally and support my fellow West Aussies.

Enter Bunkers Wines.

Just knowing this winery is based down in Bunker Bay instantly brings back memories of lazy days spent on the beach there with a book and pretty much makes me love them on principle. But luckily for me this little surfy winery who name each of their wines after a surf break down south are also churning out some pretty serious wines. Their slogan is ‘Serious wines...for not so serious people’ and that sums it up beautifully.

Unless you are James Halliday (and no disrespect - that man has talent) you don’t need to know all the fancy terms for all the delicious tastes swirling around in your mouth to enjoy a wine. Sure, a bit of basic knowledge is always a plus but there is no need to discuss the tannin strength and the tobacco flavor you are getting at a summer BBQ. The lovely Amy from Bunkers kindly gave The Boyfriend Shirt some of the winery’s new range to have a try of and we have compiled a user friendly guide to what you are going to taste and what you should drink it with.

Honeycombs Chardonnay

I am going to be honest, Chardonnay is not my favorite. The Chardonnay grape itself is green skinned and super mild so most of the strong flavour in the wine comes from the earth and the oak it is aged in. I always find that oak flavour really overpowering and my mouth always feels quite dry after I drink it so I saved this wine until last.....which turned out to be a lovely surprise. The wine is really crisp and fruity but also quite sweet and the oak flavour is present but it doesn't overpower all the other flavours. Or my taste buds. I actually, for the first time in my life, really enjoyed a Chardonnay. Killed it Bunkers!

Drink with: something smokey and spicy off the BBQ.

Lefthanders Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

We actually took this wine to a meeting (because thats how we roll here) and it definitely went down a treat. Really zingy (sort of like that feeling when you eat fresh rasberries and they wake up all of your tastebuds) and crisp this is your perfect all purpose white. Even long term red lovers like myself will not complain when presented with this so make it your go to wine when you are loitering in front of the fridge at the bottle shop awkwardly wondering what everyone will want to drink.

Drink with: whatever is in your fridge. Would be especially perfect with seafood or fruit though!

Windmills Shiraz Tempranillo Rose

So I think you may have already guessed how I feel about this one. My parents and I took this one down to the Fremantle Markets on a Friday for dinner (BYO fun times every Friday there at the moment, It makes fruit and veg shopping especially exciting) and had a Paella with this bad boy. This is now my go to summer wine. This wine is kind of spicy in the way that it makes your mouth water for more. It is still a pretty big wine thanks to the Shiraz so I would recommend having this one with food unless you like a bolder wine but it has a really clean finish unlike some of the bigger reds.

Drink with: stronger flavours on a hot day. Heaven.

Guillotines Shiraz

This is a big wine. The Guillotines break in Margaret River is meant to be pretty intense and so is this. The Shiraz grape, also known as Syrah (if you are buying a European wine) is dark skinned and can be blended or used on it’s own. It is really savoury and lingers in your mouth so enjoy this curled up in front of a fire in winter or with something meaty and delicious. Buy this for a romantic night in with your man and enjoy!

Drink with: lamb shanks or a thick steak.

Bears Cabernet Merlot

Bunkers reccommend having this wine with food because it is quite full on but there is a fruitiness which I really enjoy and would happily drink this wine on its own. For me this is the perfect after work wine to sit down and savour it to unwind. I would order this at after work drinks and let it warm up in my hands slightly so it gets tastier.

Drink with: a cheese and charcuterie board tucked up in the corner of your favourite bar.

The Box Tempranillo

Can you tell I saved the best for last? But before you accuse me of playing favourites one of my very knowledgeable wine loving friends recently brought this wine over and she was so impressed by it. So you also have an objective tick of approval. You guys already know that I will always have a soft spot for a Tempranillo but this is the best local one I have found so far (and there has been extensive testing in this subject). It is a really soft and smooth wine which balances sweet and savoury flavours really well. Kind of like the addictiveness of chocolate coated pretzels. The taste it leaves in your mouth is kind of spicy and delicious and it makes you want more.

Drink with: To me, this is perfect on it’s own but if you are hungry try with you favourite food. This with duck rillettes would make me a very happy girl.

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