What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Deca Bodega.


I've always been told that there are only two certainties in life, being death and taxes. However, I would like to suggest a third... where there is wine there will be a law student. And here at The Boyfriend Shirt we have just finished our law exams so it was time to seek out some celebratory drinks and a feast.

Although the cappuccino strip in Fremantle is already well known for its thriving coffee culture and busy dinner service, Deca Bodega will only add good things to this trendy area. The name Deca Bodega originates from being the 10th venture the restaurant owners, Carlo Daniele and Dean Blanchard, have undertaken together and they have done well.



As we are both celiacs it's tricky to find a menu which offers so much variety for us wheat-intolerant-kids, but I was blown away by all the options available. A very rare thing. And to top it all off, there were also meals available that would satisfy any hungry boyfriend. Deca Bodega's menu offers a great selection of spanish tapas with a modern feel that will leave everyone with a very happy and full tummy.

To begin with we shared a delicious entree of chorizo that is in fact Deca Bodega's own recipe created especially for the restaurant. The serving was just about right to keep two hungry ladies happy until our enormous plate of paella arrived.

The paella looked as if it had been taken straight from a spanish marketplace filled with a variety of seafood and fresh tomatoes. However, Tristan who is head chef at this fine establishment, puts a twist on the old recipe using black rice.

It really wouldn't be a girly wine night without a good desert. And what could top poached pears and pineapple with olive oil ice cream. This was probably the highlight of my meal and could only be described as amazing.

The only downfall to this beautiful restaurant is that the locals know they have a winner and it can get busy, so make sure you call ahead.

So if you are on the hunt for a good feed where everyone will be happy this is the restaurant for you!

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    I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost imsbipsole.

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