Rooftop Movies - That's So Fetch.

When a friend called up to say an old school friend of ours was in town and they were going to watch Mean Girls at the Rooftop Movies on top of the Roe Street carpark obviously I was in just on principle, who would even turn down a chance to watch Mean Girls? But the Rooftop Cinema makes it feel less like a girly sleepover and more like a grown up catchup in a secret oasis amongst the Perth skyline.
Brainchild of the producers of Fringe World in conjunction with City of Perth Parking, the Rooftop Movies are kitsch and chic and unexpectedly delightful. Getting in the carpark lift to get to the rooftop is a wonderful juxtaposition to the fun madness that awaits when the lift doors slide open and there are caravan food vendors, flamingos, washing basket lanterns and one of the best views of Perth that I have ever experienced. I would definitely highly recommend getting there before your film starts so you can have a wine and enjoy the amazing views!
There are plenty of food options available at the cinema with pop corn, sweet treats and Mexican La Paleta ice creams in offer which are perfect for this sticky summer we are having. La Paleta offer a huge array of grown up flavours including salted caramel and raspberry and cream cheese and I wish they would set up shop in my kitchen so I could eat these babies all day. Alternately you can also purchase a pizza with your ticket online and have a dinner under the stars. (or get both.)
With upcoming gems including Anchorman, E.T., Home Alone and Bridesmaids I know this place will become a regular fixture on my social calendar over the summer months. Rooftop Yoga is also run 6.00am - 7.00am Monday to Friday which I am dying to try out once I can force myself out of bed early enough to get there. For more information and to book tickets go here and check it out!
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    Of the panoply of website I’ve pored over this has the most veacirty.

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