Anya Brock.

Better known to the wider public for her gorgeous dripping girls or THOSE birds on the side of 140 William, Anya Brock's new exhibition leaves these behind and explores geometrics with mesmerizing totem pieces and precision painting in her signature bold and beautiful colours. However when we sat down over tea (hers: Peppermint tea with milk and honey - apparently it is like a warm mint milkshake but I am yet to try it.) Anya told me that geometrics was where it all began as an artist for her so in essence Unplan is more of a homecoming than a divergence.

A Freo girl at heart who has moved to Sydney for love she now splits her time between Sydney, Melbourne and Perth constantly creating and showing her work between her studios. When The Boyfriend Shirt caught up with her she was in Fremantle showing Unplan at the PSAS Art Space and we chatted about being flown to New York for a party (as you do), her favourite places to hang out when she comes home to Perth and her undying love for beer - which clearly makes her a winner in our book!


What influences inspire you as an artist?

 Some of the artists that influence me and inspire me to create are Karlee Rawkins, Robert Motherwell, Franz Kline, Kate Shaw and Miranda Skoczek.

Favourite exhibition?

My latest exhibition; Unplan is definitely my favorite.

Most memorable moment in regards to your work? 

Getting flown to the Stoli Party in New York was pretty amazing. It was basically just a bunch of creative people in a loft...and vodka. Lots of vodka.

Have you ever had a challenging moment and what kept you going?

All processes are challenging but thats what I like. Once something becomes easy I get bored so the constant challenges make me try new things and develop as an artist.

Is there anything exciting in the works?

Re.Discover is a walking street art exhibition that I will be involved with in early 2014. The other W.A. artists who were selected to participate are Stormie Mills, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Jodee Knowles , Tim Howe & Andrew Frazer.

Where is your favourite hangout or secret spot in Perth?

Being from Fremantle I love who’s your Mumma and Mrs Browns but I also hang out at The Bird quite a bit!

The event or exhibition your most excited about coming up in Perth? 

Well it isn’t really Perth because I move constantly between Melbourne, Sydney and Perth but the Melbourne Design Files Open House looked amazing!

Favourite or most prized piece in your wardrobe?

My new Comme des Garçons boots that I found at the MYRE store!

The things you can't live without? 

Creating....and beer.


(Anya's distinctive paintings are always so vibrant and full of colour.)

(Some of the beauties from Unplan.)


(Chatting away at Bread in Common.)


To check out more of Anya’s work (and make a cheeky purchase) head here!!

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