What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Fashion Resolution Solutions.

(Photo Credit: Kim Kardasian's Instagram courtersy of Kaleb McKenna.)
So we’ve just past the first week of 2014 and by now you’ve probably realized that your new years resolution was either; a) a little too ambitious b) not achievable this particular year or c) that creating a race of super intelligent monkeys that attack only those who post inspiration quotes on their Facebook pages was not fiscally responsible. Or maybe, just maybe you’re still going strong and you will soon become a better person. Just please don’t motivate yourself on how many likes that “hang in there” black and white 1950’s styled cartoon gets or one year soon you may be the victim of a banana peel related mishap.

I get it. Resolutions are hard and they take time, time that could be spent doing things that we love. Like getting overly drunk and waking up in a pile of half eaten bacon deluxe deliciousness. Explaining in depth your winter European holiday plans to disinterested friends and co-workers. And of course blaming Kim Kardashian for tearing apart the fabric of society through a series racy Instagram photos. Sometimes these even feature a similarly voluptuous-bootied coconspirator named Blac Chyna, whose name resembles that of a villain in a racially insensitive B movie.

So what is my solution to all these resolutions? Or Resolution Solutions for all those people who want to sift through the non-sense of this article (should have skipped paragraphs one and two) start living who you want to be through your fashion choices.

Now I’m not saying that your lifelong goal to finally learn how to swim needs to end with you in a bathing suit performing a graphic rendition of I Knew You Were Trouble in the middle of a nightclub dance floor. I’m only saying that whenever your outfit options are not dictated by an event or specific situation, dress as the person you want to become.

For example if you’re a person who could stand to do more exercise and a friend asks you to go for a low key coffee - what do you wear? Sporting apparel and sneakers, because then you can say you were “caught between work-outs” (white lies OMG!). You may then get a genuinely good reaction from your friend because they see that you want to change instead of them commending you with the normal amount of “I’ve heard this all before” subtext. Then because of either that positive reaction or just because you simply start feeling more comfortable in that outfit you actually do start exercising more and now your one step closer to coming through on that resolution and being a changed person.

I understand not all resolutions revolve around exercise but you can apply this idea to multiple situations. Want to become more professional and career driven? Make a blazer part of your everyday wear. Hate that you don’t get enough work done? Make your laptop and laptop bag your constant fashion accessory and maybe you’ll find time to use it for more than indulging in nonsensical lists on Buzzfeed.

It may sound like idiotic logic but it’s the same reason why actors usually improve when they finally get into their character’s costume. Trust me, Sam Worthington’s accent gets 3% less Australian every time he’s dressed as the demigod son of Zeus.

So happy New Year to all, I hope your fashion resolution solutions serve you well and Blac Chyna, please start answering my fan mail.

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