The Raw Kitchen.

One of the reasons Holly and I wanted to start this blog was to bring you great gluten free options in the Perth food scene and also recipes that you can make at home. The reason for this is that we both suffer from chronic fatigue and used food as a form of medicine to allow us to continue with our law degrees and to bring you this blog! The diet to cure chronic fatigue is really restrictive and we really struggled finding places that would accommodate these dietary needs.

Enter Raw Kitchen.

Originally a little shop in a Freo arcade, the Raw Kitchen was (and still is) a god send for Holly and I when we craved pizza, nachos or something sweet. Now they have moved to a gorgeous new premises on High Street where you can have a meal, attend a yoga class in their amazing studio or grab one of their health packed smoothies to go. When a girlfriend asked me to take her somewhere healthy while she was back home for Christmas I immediately knew that I had to take her to the Raw Kitchen. With fresh, raw pasta, delicious juices and THE BEST turkish delight slice I have ever put in my mouth you need to check it out ASAP!

A small word of advice, bookings are available and I would strongly recommend making a reservation to avoid a wait as this place is only going to get more and more popular!

(Amazing sweet treat cabinet.)

I started off lunch with a 'garden party' juice with cucumber, fennel, ginger, mint, lemon, parsley, coriander and apple. So good after a Christmas season binge.

Bree had the Live Zucchini Pasta which was a zucchini 'pasta' (trust me you will soon be buying a julienne peeler and replacing pasta with this lighter but just as amazing zucchini version) topped with raw tomato sauce, mushrooms, olives, avocado, basil and pepper.

I had the Spiced Almond Milk Polenta topped with cacao mole, jerk spiced grilled seasonal veg and romesco sauce. I adore polenta and I was so interested to taste this version. It was insanely good and so so filling. The waitress actually asked if everything was ok because I hardly made a dent in it so order this one to share.

This is the best thing ever ever. And the reason I REALLY REALLY NEED a Thermomix. On a crushed nut and coconut base a mix of rose water, coconut, vanilla bean and cashew makes the silkiest and creamiest filling. Bree and I had such a hard time believing that this has no sugar in it but all Raw Kitchen offerings are free from gluten, dairy and sugar so hypothetically we could eat this every day as a health food. Yep. So that is amazing.


Even if you aren't into healthy eating that much and have a longstanding love affair with bacon (and I hear ya, bacon is the best) give Raw Kitchen a go. The kitchen is churning out thoughtful, delicious and filling dishes that will leave you feeling fantastic. Check out their website here for yoga sessions, menus and upcoming events! x


(Photo Credit: Bree Tremaine, Louisa Miller)


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