Something about Habitué feels like home.

It might be the staff that smile and greet you like you are a friend coming over to visit or the way that they bring out the bottle of wine from the bar to pour you a glass at the table like at a family dinner. (Given, if it was my family dinner the wine would stay on the table within arms reach but that probably says more about my family than anything else.)

To get a bit decorator-geek on you guys Habitué is perfection. From the gorgeous front garden you enter into a typical North Freo style home. With curved arches, a fireplace and high ceilings it was always going to be beautiful but the crew at Habitué have made it shine with clever artwork, interesting decorations and table ornaments which look like they have been gathered from the corners of the globe and thoughtfully scattered for maximum impact. The menu is designed for sharing and we were pretty excited to learn that everything bar 3 dishes (inc desert) were gluten free friendly. I know. So exciting. And overwhelming. Us gf babes are NOT used to having that much choice. 

Having already visited last week and fallen in love with the food (the eggplant, the tomato salad and the beef ribs...OH MY GOD.) we wanted to come back to sample some more food and take some snaps to show you guys why you have to head down to Habitué ASAP.

While we were waiting for our friend we started with a glass of wine to relax and cool down after a crazy hot day. The wine list is full of exotic varieties of wine that you rarely see on a menu so take a step back from your SSB and try something new, we were very pleasantly surprised!

Salmon with beans, tomato, potato and olive. I don't eat salmon but the salad base on this dish was perfect and the girls seemed to enjoy the fish. 

The salty, crisp crust on this lamb reminded me of pork crackle (which is the ultimate win in my book) but the meat was tender and juicy and cooked PERFECTLY. If I could eat this every day I would be a happy girl.

To balance out the meat party we were having we ordered silverbeet, almonds and garlic. Super flavourful and delicious this was such a great way to serve silverbeet, I will be commandeering this recipe for my own kitchen.

Now in the spirit of full disclosure we did also order chips but you don't get a picture of them because:

a) they are chips; and

b) they were really, really delicious and so we all just started eating them and I was so focused on eating as many chips as I could that I forgot to take a picture.

Because we don't do things by half desert was also ordered. The melon sorbet is the perfect end to a heavy meal and was super refreshing in the heat. If Habitué did this to take away I would visit daily.


 Located on 1 Harvest Road in North Fremantle, Habitué is the perfect place for a girls night, a date with that special someone or when you are just looking for delicious food in a relaxed environment!

  • Jeremy says...

    Awesome place, awesome food and awesome staff.
    Perfect place all round.
    the cocktail are just to drink for lol

    On Mar 21, 2014

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