Bayside Festival.

Can you imagine a music festival where girls aren't walking around wearing shorts that make Kylie Minogie's hot-pants look modest? And boys arn't running around in a circle I've now learnt to be called a death pit? It sounds impossible right? Well the new boutique festival Bayside has put all the good things about summer into a festival and banished the denim underwear crew to elsewhere.

Saturday debuted the new event and it didn't disappoint. Creating an evening that showcased local fashion for the girls, and boutique beers for the guys everyone seemed pretty happy sitting back and enjoying the jaw-dropping view of Perth Skyline.

Now I could let you know about the incredible line up featuring Crooked Colours, Midnight Juggernauts and SAFIA, or the array of gourmet food that my boyfriend happily devoured. But truth be told I was there for the fashion.

Palm Swimear

An array of WA labels showcased their latest collections such as Bruug, One Fell Swoop, Generics Accessories and Palm Swimwear amongst others. An absolute stand out for me was Palm Swimwear. These bikinis gave me the motivation to head to the gym this week if only to squeeze into the incredible bathers! While the effortlessly cool pieces from Bruug and One Fell Swoop have made it onto my wish list. 

Now that we have all seen what Bayside is about, I can guarantee the crowds will only increase.


One Fell Swoop

Amicus Collective  

House of Skye

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