Wild Horses.

Here at the boyfriend shirt a certain animal has become a hotly debated topic between the two of us. Louisa adores horses while I'm not their biggest fan. I prefer to side with Russell Brand who once said "you love horses. I don't trust them. Their shoes are permanent. Who makes that kind of commitment to a shoe?"- Feature Film Arthur (2011)

But when it comes to Perth girl Natalie Donovan's label Wild Horses, we are both massive fans. Inspired by creating a style of clothing for the women who wants to stand out from the herd, Natalie is talented in designing both clothing and accessories. She mixes feminine pastels with edgy metallics and leather creating things I could die for!

Visiting Natalie in her beautiful home was both a pleasure and a lot of fun with her little boys running about.

Was fashion and design always something that interested you?

Most definitely! I Have always been drawn to some sort of Art Form, style and fashion since I was a little girl. I guess you could say most girls love this sort of thing, but for me, it was definitely an obsession at an early age.

Fashion is notoriously a tough industry, how did you crack into it?

I guess you could say I’m still trying to crack that shell! It’s a long process, but worth the risk and time involved! Just gotta keep going!

How did the label name Wild Horses come about?

We found this name by accident! And really didn’t think we would keep it, but as time went on, and people started to recognise us and be familiar with us as Wild Horses, we figured we’d better keep it.

What did you want to achieve with your brand?

To create a fashion label for women who want to be a little different. To give the market a simple edge and diversity. To be recognised as a ‘Go To’ sort of brand for all your outfits for any occasion. But to keep a special exclusivity to our brand, and not be seen as ‘Fast Fashion’ which has taken over this Industry so rapidly.

Do you prefer to design clothes rather than jewellery or are both a love?

I was obsessed with doing the jewellery side, as it was so easy for me and accessible, and the ideas just flowed so naturally and quickly! But since concentrating on the clothing, we feel this has taken over more of our time than we thought. But ideally we initially wanted to be clothing only. It was just lucky that we could start the accessory line first.

Is there a designer or style that influences and inspires your work?

Would have to say CHANEL. I know its very lady like and old fashioned at times, but it's so classic and becoming more and more modern chic and sophisticated in a non pretentious way. It is what it is!

Is there any exciting things in the works for Wild Horses?

Mainly keeping our clothing and accessories line strong and high standard! Possibly delving into other areas!! We will see…

What is your favourite hangout or secret spot around perth?

I quite like Bread in Common down in Freo, super yummy and different meals!

Is there an event or exhibition your excited about coming up in perth?

I guess WAFAs! Excuse the lame excuse, but I don’t really get out much being a mum of 2 it can get hard to find babysitters.

Do you have a favourite or most prized piece in your wardrobe?

I just put a pair of Alexander Wang heels on layby!

What could you not live without?

My Boys!

Is there a quote or mantra you're currently living by?

The Elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs…One step at a time! -Rande Wilson

If you adore Wild Horses as much as we do book a ticket to the STM Style Showcase January 30th featuring this gorgeous designer!

Wild Horses is currently stocked the in following stores:

Six Thread in the old Myer Building now known as Many.

The Archive in Fremantle

Hatch Shop in Enex100

Merge in Subiaco

UrbinJin in Melbourne





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