Fringe World 2014.

We are super proud and excited to announce that The Boyfriend Shirt has been given media accreditation to the Fringe World Festival for 2014! We LOVE Fringe - from the Pleasure Gardens to the Spiegel Tent and everything in between it opens our minds to new experiences and leaves us thrilled and wanting more!

One of the things we we really enjoy about Fringe World is their love of ethanol based substances. You have to love a festival which has a bar every 100 meters and allows you to drink while you are enjoying a show. This leads to a tipsy state which makes everything from the ornate tents to the kitsch lanterns take on a romantic quality (I promise I am actually sober as I am writing this though). Fringe World is the ideal date night, girls night out or grown up theatre date with your Parents - whatever you are after Fringe World has your back. Throughout the festival we will bring you shows that we recommend and who we recommend you see them with. So get excited and get booking here because we all need to support this world class festival!



Show Reviews

Hitchcocked - By Sound and Fury. These guys are hilarious. I am not a huge fan of Hitchcock (I am not NOT a fan....I just am not a big movie buff) so I wasn’t sure that I would get all of the references but if I missed any I didn’t really notice because I was laughing too hard. I took my Mum to this and we loved the improv and the enthusiasm of Sound and Fury. They also have another show in Fringe called Hamlet and Juliet which you need to book as soon as you finish reading this if it is even half as good at Hitchcocked.


At The Last Gasp By Melbourne Trio Angelique Ross, Dylan Rodriguez & Luke Hubbard. This show is part circus, part contortion and part disturbing social commentary. I would recommend this show for a friend date with an open minded and/or film and theatre trained friend. It is quite unsettling to watch which given that it is about death is probably intentional. The acrobatics are incredible and will make you want to get back to the gym because the muscles are seriously impressive.



A cool and kooky collection of side show talent, we have heard whispers of strongmen, sword swallowing, great tunes, erotic dancing and nipples!! This show is for 9 nights only so make sure you lock it in to your must see list!


Yesterday’s Hero by The Kitchen Sink Collective and Stanton's Run. There were a million ways that a play exploring the detrimental effects of the male bravado could have gone wrong, but this one just works. A sharp script combined with actors who are willing to play out the subtleties within the silences made this an affecting fringe experience. Also I got there during happy hour at the Scotto and enjoyed cheap cider so take a look at me…I’m Yesterday’s hero.


La Belle Époque by Sugar Blue Burlesque. These W.A. babes do it again with their sexy take on the Parisian World Fair. WIth everything from absinth to glittery nipple covers it is a fun and flirty night out at Fringe. The girls are all amazing but Jade and THAT peacock costume blew my mind! The show is only playing for two more nights so make sure you grab your tickets and check them out!


Fiona O'Loughlin in....My Brilliant Career. I don't even need to tell you this will be good. One of the grand dames of Australia Comedy brings a vulnerable and almost melancholic air to her set as she reflects back on her career and how it has affected her personal life. A great reminder that we should all laugh through the hardest situations (even as we we cry) this show is one not to be missed! Playing the 22nd and 23rd of February you need to make sure you see this!

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