MBFWA Wrap Up.

Fashion week. Words that simultaneously strike excitement and fear into our hearts. Who will be our new favourite designer? Who will win at street style? How much coffee can we physically consume and just how little sleep can we humanly function on?

After flying in on the red eye we rolled into opening night feeling pretty great (until Jen Hawkins strolled by like the goddess she is, stunning us with her effortless beauty and we reverted to feeling like jetlagged trolls) ready for Maticevski to blow us away. While there was some stand out pieces in the collection the bejewelled ball gags and handcuffs were initially off putting and we left not quite knowing how we felt. However as one publication put it rather than be seen as a restriction it could be a statement that the 2016 woman really can take control and be ladies in the street and freaks in the sheets which is pretty much the definition of #girlboss so we ended up feeling the collection.

As Perth fashion lovers this hurts us to say but we wanted more from Zhivago. We love love love the strong silhouettes and the glamour the brand is known for but this collection felt too safe and familiar in what could have been a huge step up for the girls. The talent and brand integrity is there but it left us hungry.

Karla Spetic was an early favourite in the week because girlfrand can cut a pattern. Everything was so clean and crisp and we wanted it. Ditto Macgraw. Oh god. From the hair to the makeup to the clothes – we want designers Beth and Tessa to adopt us so we can just live in their world.

Like the true diva he is Steven Khalil ran 45 minutes late only to send out a 7 minute show. Usually this would have been a bad thing but the clothes were so pretty and OTT Khalil that we forgave him – and we had a hot date with our beds after the show. So win,win.

Our new favourite designer ever was Anna Quan. Her tomboy dresses and 10/10 shirting had us feeling like she had reached into our minds when designing and we will definitely be watching her to be the next big thing.

Our standout from the week was Cynthia Rowley. Hitting the Resort brief on the head she sent down look after look which had us dreaming of a balmy tropical escape. Complete with men carrying us around on surfboards obviously….after all when you travel, travel in style (says Lou as she settles into the plane seat in tracksuit pants).

TBFS team highlights included finding Romeo (who lives in Lou’s dream house) and his delightful owners who let us borrow him for a shoot, creeping on the Stenmark brothers who are even more attractive in real life, finding our legs made the Vogue street style wrap and Holly successfully hiding that her pants were bulldog clipped in said wrap up.

Lowlights included not owning Carmen’s (from Chronicles of Her) AMAZING Gucci dress, Zhivago’s lack of risk taking in what could have been a spectacular coming of age for the brand and the blisters, oh the blisters.

Special thanks to our Kai Ridley for not only taking a bomb photo but rocking the street style himself and being an absolute boss.

We loved having Cambridge Hotel Surry Hills as our home base who not only gave us the biggest room ever but even sent up extra coat hangers so we could actually organise our lives for the week. The location is fantastic, not just for MBFW but in general, with some of Sydney's hottest bars and eateries on our door step. Nothing was too much trouble and it was the perfect home away from home.

This was meant to be a wrap up but we just have too much to show you guys so stay tuned for our street style pics and a head to toe where-to-buy of our MBFWA outfits!!

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