What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Caleb Davenport Will Blow Your Mind.

You know how sometimes you experience something beautiful and it causes your heart to skip a beat? Whether it be a Monet, a beautiful dress, bacon (especially if you are hung over - that stuff is manna from the gods) or an amazing song, that feeling of connection that isn't completely explicable is what inspires us and drives us to create that feeling for someone else. For me the place where I feel it most is in art galleries. It doesn't really matter where they are - finding that one piece that jolts me and makes me catch my breath is absolute heaven.

Caleb Davenport's photos capture something so special that it makes you connect with them on a subconscious level. His photos are raw and honest and beautiful and they depict a freedom that takes your breath away. Whether it be Polaroids on a rooftop, snaps of everyday life or photographs of some of the most beautiful women in the world he elevates common place to the next level and inspires us to look around with a new perspective. He chats to The Boyfriend Shirt about what drives him below!

What first drew you to photography?
My dad back in the day used to take some pretty cool B&W film shots of us as kids which is probably the earliest time I recall being attracted to the workings of a camera. Other than that I always wanted to photograph my friends surfing which is when I first purchased myself a serious camera to photograph them from land. I then upgraded and purchased a water housing to photograph them from water which spurred off my first taste of being a photographer for a few magazines around Australia.

Favourite exhibition (yours or other)?
Its always epic hosting your own exhibition because its all your close friends and family that come along and support you...and get into the alcohol you've provided haha.

There were a few exhibitions I saw in NY at MoMA and small galleries in Chelsea but off the top of my head I cant remember. Instagram is always a good ongoing exhibition ;)

Most memorable moment in regards to your work?
There are too many to name! From the great photographers I had the pleasure of working alongside to the people you would go out and meet and party with to just cruising on the Williamsburg waterfront. I miss that place!

I think meeting and chatting to Jay Z & Beyonce was right up there along with photographing Candice Swanepoel and Doutzen Kroes from Victoria Secret.

Have you ever had a challenging moment with your Photography and what kept you going?
I've had plenty, you need those times though to see and acknowledge how bad you really want to follow your goals. I think its always tough thinking you've got an amazing photograph that you send off to all these agencies only to get knock backs. It sucks and it gets you down but you can't be dwelling on that for long.

Is there anything exciting in the works?
I've got a few things planned up my sleeve...Just a matter of time and of course the right time at that.
A few books, exhibitions etc.

What/who are your biggest influences?
One of my biggest influences is Ellen Von Unwerth, which is weird because I already had a similar style to her prior to discovering her work, so after that I was in love. I got to meet her and have a drink with her at a party in MILK studios in New York which was pretty cool.

Where is your favourite hangout or secret spot when you come home to Perth?
I try to get down to Margs as much as possible when i'm back in Perth and hopefully shoot some surfing while i'm there, if i'm floating around Perth though it would have to be stooping at Yelo in North Beach enjoying a coffee or two.

Favourite or most prized piece in your wardrobe?
It's a leather jacket, i've always wanted one so i bought it while i was over there. I wore it everywhere in New York and received nothing but compliments about it, especially up in Harlem and the Ghetto, they loved it!

The things you can't live without?
Camera, Surfboard, Friends, Family, Morrison (my dog) and coffee...but not necessarily in that order haha.


To check out more about Caleb and his work head over to his tumblr here and give him some love! 

(Photo Credits: Caleb Davenport.)

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