Why You Shouldn't Hate Valentines Day.

Valentines Day is quite a contentious subject. There seems to be only two ends of the scale where you are either so in love that you exchange eskimo kisses and stuffed bears on the street and nauseate those around you or you hate the day with a passion and concoct elaborate scenarios in your mind involving the severe wounding of everyone involved in the first scenario.

Here at TBFS we don't really buy into either scenario but the idea of making any loves in your life (bestie, parents, sibling or the boy) feel special is right up our alley. Remember the last time someone bought you a random little token or treated you to something? How flipping awesome do you feel? So instead of Valentines day being all about gazing into your boyfriend's eyes lovingly over dessert (don't worry - we totally don't do that....we are too busy gazing lovingly at the dessert) why shouldn't we focus on making everyone around us feel amazing?

A few months ago Enex 100 treated TBFS to a shoppers day to have a look around and scope out all the amazing things on offer. We felt really special and were really impressed with the centre and how comprehensive the offerings were. It seemed the perfect one stop shop to feature on our Valentines Day special as it has fashion, beauty and AHHHMAAZINGG food under the same roof. So, lets go and check out our favourites!


Hatch has always been a TBFS favourite because as you know we love West Australian fashion labels and Hatch brings the best of the best together under one roof! For a special Valentines day look we hit their store in Enex 100 to check out what they had to offer.

(Whether you are having cocktails with the girls or dinner with the man in your life this outfit will be perfection.)

Nothing says romance like black lace, and we don't think it should only be seen behind closed doors. The lovely ladies at Hatch let us raid the racks and we put together this little outfit from Empire Rose and we think it oozes of jaw dropping beauty. It will impress the man of the hour, but fits perfectly for a girls night out too. Paired back with simple and elegant jewels and accessories with a bit of colour makes sure the lace is still a centrepiece. Hatch is filled to the brim with beautiful garments and is well worth a look when your next in Enex 100.

(This piece from Wild Horses adds some weight to the sweet Empire Rose ensemble.)

(This Belle Bijoux bag adds a splash of colour.)

(The dreamy lace details on this Empire Rose slip makes us swoon.)

(Studs and leather on this Bell Bijoux shoe anchors the whole look together and bonus - totally easy to walk (dance) in!)



So now we have the perfect outfit sorted head over to see the mega babes at Kit to construct your Valentines Day make up look. This look was created especially for TBFS and it is the perfect mix of subtle and sexy!

The lovely Anne from Kit talked us through the products used to create this look and why each of them is a must have for your Valentines Day makeup look!

1. Cargo HD Primer - This bad boy will make sure your makeup stays put even when you have had 1(5) too many cocktails with the girls and are hitting the dance floor hard!

2. Cargo Liquid Foundation - The perfect match with the HD primer this foundation is dewy and makes you glow! Bonus points for the awesome packaging which minimises waste and is super easy to carry around for quick touchups.

3. Cargo Brow Kit - Here at TBFS we are obsessed with Cara Delevingne for her love of bacon, her hilarious faces and THOSE brows. Channel your inner Cara by giving your brows a little lift wit this clever wax/powder combo!

4. Cargo swimmables eyeliner (Black sea) - For when your night might end with a cheeky dip in the pool this liner will keep your looking slick no matter what the night throws at you.

5.Two Faced Better Than False Lashes Mascara - For flirty glances across the table or room alike this clever little duo is about to become your best friend. Using fine extension hairs to create length and a top coat to seal the deal this product will create enviable bambi-esque lashes to flutter at whomever you choose.

6. Cargo Matte Bronzer - Because cheekbones. For those (like us) who are just learning about contouring this is your new best friend.

7. Cargo Swimmable Blush (ibiza) - This pretty pink blush will give you a girly flush which would be heaven against the romantic lace and silk from Hatch!

8. Cargo eye colour (St Tropez) - Because the Hatch look is quite bold a wash of golden shimmer over the eyes is all you need to make your eyes sparkle!

9. Lipstick Queen Medieval Lip Treatment - Named for the treatment medieval women used to use to achieve a natural red hue this lipstick is close to our hearts at TBFS as it was the lipstick Lou bought and wore for her first date with her man. It is moisturising with a tint to make lips look fab and invite a cheeky goodnight kiss ;).


To be honest we haven't really been to the Greenhouse all that much but that will definitely change after this meal. Mega babe manager on duty Trina talked us through the menu and how they could cater for gluten sensitive bellies (hint: pretty much everything is a go except the croquettes). The team have been really clever with the interior at the Greenhouse as it is warm and cosy and perfect for a date night!

(Loving this well stocked and well decorated bar area.)

(Sometimes looking up is so much more interesting - until you get a neck cramp from taking a picture like this...whoops.)

(Cheeky rosé to get your Valentines Day started.)

(A mixed grain salad with basil, heirloom tomato, goats curd and sunflower seeds, $16 was an amazing start to the meal and SO filling.)

(Rillettes, GF bread, Custard Apple - stop it. Stop being so perfect. SO delicious and the giant capers were a great counterbalance to the richness of the rillettes. $18)

(House cured pork loin with compressed melon and lemon myrtle was as absolute treat. I want to eat this all day, every day! $14)

(Kangaroo, beetroot, native apple, celery and walnut was so perfectly cooked and full of really well thought out flavours. $28)

The team at the Greenhouse really deserve some loving because the service is impeccable, the wine list is clever and the food is well thought out and innovative. Using local and house made ingredients this is the sort of restaurant TBFS loves to get behind because we really believe that W.A. has some of the best produce in the world and the Greenhouse shows it off to it's best advantage.

The moral of this post is not to let Valentines be about mushy couples spoon feeding each other dessert and arguing about who loves each other more. Whether you are buying a small treat from Kit for yourself to feel beautiful, buying an outfit to knock his socks off from Hatch or having flirty wines with the girls at Greenhouse remember its not about sticking to what has always been done. Reach out and take the day as an opportunity to make those close to you feel loved and this Valentines Day will be the best yet!


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