Eyebrows - The Lazy Girl's Best Friend.

You would think that two girls who blog about fashion and lifestyle for a semi-living would be pretty high maintenance right? All about the the cuticle oil and the sea salt spray. Well I hate to ruin your day but I am literally writing this post in a bathrobe and a nana bun with Benzac all over my face.

Anyone who knows Holly and I would be quick to tell you that day to day we are pretty much tomboys. We have been known to stretch a haircut out WAYYY too long and we named our blog after rolling out the door in our boyfriend's clothes. But the one thing that we are pretty obsessed with is our eyebrows.

Throughout history eyebrows have been a defining trend, so this is definitely not a new thing but from Audrey's sculpted wonders to the thin brows of our 90's babes it has been something that women have ALWAYS cared about. Thankfully the current trend is full and natural and the best thing about this is how it makes you look so effortlessly put together without even brushing your hair.

A good brow groom is much quicker than trying to make up the rest of your face in time for work but it also looks like you purposefully are rocking the bare skin look today (which, incidentally is Holly and my favourite day to day get around but that all comes down to personal taste.) It defines your face and adds an element of style to your look even if you are wearing the same thing as yesterday.

Groomed brows will take you from day to night with the addition of a statement lip and if you are on holidays it guarantees that your pool selfies are going to be ON POINT. There are a myriad of products out there to help you out if you are follicular-ly challenged in the eyebrow region like us. Alison Jade is our brow fairy godmother and we recommend visiting her team for a good shape and tint (to pick up all the little baby hairs and make your brows look badass) before picking up one of these to sort them out day to day. 

So next time you miss your alarm and are in your bathroom staring at your sleepy reflection in a panic  - brush your teeth, wash your face, put your brows on and you will be ready to face the day.

(Image: Cara Delevingne shot by Matt Irwin for's 2013 print magazine)

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