What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

The Beautiful Natalie Rolt.

Natalie Rolt is a girl who doesn't need models to show off her designs. With piercing blue eyes and a tan to die for she looks INCREDIBLE in everything she designs. And Oh. My. God, those designs. Mixing beautiful silks with daring and different cuts, Natalie creates dresses that make their wearer feel beautiful no matter what the occasion.

We first visited Natalie at her market stall in Fremantle however due to a technical mishap our photos went missing and we had to arrange a re-shoot this week. This turned out to be fantastic as we got to visit Natalie at her new store and see some of her new pieces coming to life for the Natalie Rolt boutique launch on March 21st. Trust us ladies (and gentlemen who want to treat their gals) you NEED to head down and check her out ASAP!

What first drew you to fashion?

My mum and nan, as they would always tell me about their experiences about making there own outfits for events and everyone loving them (especially them as there were no outfit clashes with other girls). Now I can do the same!

Favourite collection?

My favourite will have to be the one I am creating now for my boutique opening as it allowed me to fill such a huge space with actual outfits that can be mixed and matched with the whole collection. Plus I have THE most amazing materials and I can't wait to show everyone what I'm making out of them!

Most memorable moment in regards to your work?

My very first competition - The APEX Australian Teenage Fashion Awards. It was a competition that my year 12 textile teacher suggested I entered - even though I had never sewn a dress before! From the moment she mentioned the competition I knew I wanted to do it and asked my nan, Mimi, to teach me how to sew. From there my very first eveningwear gown took me and my best friend (who I got to model it for me) all the way to Sydney to the National Finals. We were the two happiest school girls in the world!

Have you ever had a challenging moment with your work and what kept you going?

How about before every market stall... so I would say once a month for the past year has been challenging as I produce 60 pieces every month around my full time studies and the night before my monthly market stall was always the hardest. I would sew right up until the moment I had to pack the car to head down to the markets at 7am. It was physcially exhausting as things would always take longer than expected but when I open my stall and serve my waiting customer's that is all forgotten!

Is there anything exciting in the works?

The opening of the Natalie Rolt Boutique on the 21st of March!!! I have been lucky enough to score the perfect location, storefront and studio space in Applecross and things are moving extremely quickly! My customer's will now be able to experience my designs in my own boutique with a walk in changeroom that shows off my studio to show everyone where it all happens - a little insight into the behind the scenes of a designer!

What/who are your biggest influences?

My biggest influence is my mum - she is the most business savvy amazing person to walk the earth. She has taught me everything I know and is guiding me through starting my own business and without her knowledge, love and support I would not be able to do what I'm doing.

I am also a big believer in being your own influence - creating what I like instead of following and searching what other people like - creating my own trend.

Event or exhibition you are most excited about that is coming to Perth?

Perth Fashion Festival is always my favourite time of the year so how could I not say that!

Where is your favourite hangout or secret spot in Perth?

My favourite spot in perth is Cottesloe beach - where my boyfriend and I love to picnic over sunset!

Favourite or most prized piece in your wardrobe?

My wardrobe is my studio so although I have not worn it but it is my favourite creation I have made and it is my 2013 Perth Fashion Festival Student Runway Evening Wear gown.

The things you can't live without?

My phone!!! It is my life!!! I also need it on me as I treat my Instagram Page @natalieroltdesigns as an insight into my label - so I love sharing with my followers what I do almost all of the time!

Here at TBFS Holly and I are huge fans of Natalie Rolt and LOVE watching this girl take over the W.A. fashion scene! Make sure you put a note in your diary on March 22nd to pop into the boutique, have a shop and bring the girl some wine - with this flawless new collection she has earned it! xx

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  • Maddy on

    Love the dress nat’s wearing! Definitely saving my pennies now!

  • Emma-Lee McPherson on

    Love it! Go Nat Xxx

  • Natalie Rolt on

    LOVE THIS! Thank You gorgeous girls!!! I hope I can get atleast one of you down to the launch… although we don’t want any breakups from boyfriends – haha!


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