Curing The Sunday Evening Blues In Style.

It's a sunday evening and the prospect of monday is enough for anyone to curl up in the fetal position hopping that it's just an awful nightmare the weekend is ending. However never fear, The Cottesloe Beach Hotel has come up with a far more social idea to forget the working week is beginning again....

Every Sunday during the month of March head down to the beachside bar and enjoy $8 cocktails at the Aperol Sunset Sessions. We went this weekend and indulged in a few drinks all in the name of this article, it's hard work being a blogger.

We HIGHLY recommended taking advantage of what seems to be Perth's endless summer and taking some friends for a drink here-even my boyfriend enjoyed the fruity colourful drinks. Held in the Beach Club, how can you say no to sunshine, comfy lounges and delicious food!

See you there on the weekend!

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