Barbie Dolls Are Now Art.

Sculptures by the Sea has been gracing our shoreline for nearly a decade and every year, something incredible and intriguing appears along Cottesloe Beach. This year however, is a little more controversial with Norton Flavel brining back memories with a giant goon bag that I am sure has featured in every Aussies' teenage years. As with all art, there is room for debate and conversation. Personally I thought Flavel's work was worth a few giggles and made me think that I have been 'cultured' for years!

I was hoping to take some snaps of the sculptures that showed their detail and character, however the crowds of people had already beat me to the beach. At first I was worried the photos wouldn't be much good through the hoards of people, but on reflection I've decided that in fact they are a perfect example of what the sculptures have been created to do; bring people together to enjoy, admire and appreciate. A personal favourite of mine, is the little girl who was mimicking the ballerina.

Sculptures by the sea will be around until March 24th.  


  • Ice says...

    You’ve captured this pefecrtly. Thanks for taking the time!

    On Jan 17, 2015

  • Alli says...

    Love Sculptures by the Sea! I remember enjoying the installations during my semester abroad in Perth… Cottosloe was my favorite! Miss it soo much, and love reading your guys’ blog. It definitely fuels my daydreams of moving back to spend my days in the lovely cafes while doing my graphic design work. :)

    On Mar 12, 2014

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