What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Shine Bright Like A Diamond.

In creating this article there was always a risk our wonderful boyfriends may run to the hills thinking we were cornering them into an engagement, surprisingly mine seemed to find it more comical that I was looking at diamonds than scary, I’m yet to decided if this is a good thing! But in saying that how can you ever go wrong with champagne, incredible gowns and best of all… diamonds.

Stepping into the Solid Gold showroom was like walking into Aladdin’s cave. Fitted out with a bohemian décor and with glittering jewels everywhere in sight a girl couldn’t be happier in heaven! With a background in jewellery design I couldn’t take my eyes of the composition and pure class that all of Solid Gold’s pieces had in common. While Lou appreciated the luscious bridal collection present by Bo & Luca.  Wether you’re getting married or can just appreciate some incredible jewels and dresses, Solid Gold’s collaboration with Bo & Luca is one to check out if you get the chance.

 Solid Gold is located at 726  Hay st Mall.

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