STM Designer Bridal Showcase.

This week seems to be all about weddings at TBFS, the boys are going to start thinking we are dropping hints haha!

When the girls at The Studio asked us if we wanted to come along to a rooftop high tea that would feature WA designer gowns, champagne, macarons and Vera Wang we jumped at the chance - who can say no to Vera?!

The Times Square rooftop had been completely transformed into an elegant garden party, complete with with cabanas, delectable sweets from High Tea in a Box and whimsical high tea decor complimented by Champagne from Perth Champagne Club.

The models were dressed in gowns from Tarvydas, Betty Tran, Breathless, L'Amore Kids, Ae'lkemi, Leona Edminston, Jomay Cao and of course Vera Wang (which are a WA exclusive only available at Times Square) and accessorised with incredible Atlas pearls!

It was a gorgeous way to spend an afternoon and we would suggest that all you lovely ladies, brides to be or not, head down to Times Square and check it all out! X




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