What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

TBFS Does VAMFF14 - Runways and Behind the Scenes.

Stepping off the plane and into model fittings set a clear indicator of how crazy the week was going to be. It was amazing to see soo many W.A faces amongst the stylists, organizers and models on the day. We hung out with the gorgeous Natalie from Wild Horses while her models were getting fitted for the Cosmo Runway at VAMFF. We also got to take a sneak peek at a vast array of other designers and pretty much saw the whole Camilla show run through while we were there. The atmosphere was insane and we couldn’t have asked for a better start to Fashion Week. Here is VAMFF14 through our eyes!

(Beautiful Natalie makes adjustments to one of her models.)

(Holly is crazy obsessed with this jacket.)

(I, on the other hand, was crazy obsessed with this headpiece from Camilla.)

(The beautiful Ebony Hunter in Wild Horses.)

(Little bit of River Island street style worn by the delightful Ajak Deng.)

(Those colours were SO BRIGHT for winter.)

(Wild Horses on the Cosmo Runway.)

(This dress is SUCH a showstopper.)

(Garth Cook can literally Do.No.Wrong.)

(It almost makes me think I could pull of kitten ears.)

(It was love at first sight for this One Fell Swoop number. This is going to be my winter staple.)

(Draping. Capes. Feathers. Perfection.)

(God I love a power shoulder. This dress is such a boss.)

(The ultimate ladies night dress.)

Seeing all our W.A. favourites on the runway at VAMFF made us so proud to be in Melbourne supporting them as W.A. bloggers.....and from all the shows we saw the standouts in each were the Perth labels - not that we are biased. It was such a wonderful first Fashion Week to be a part of and we can't wait for September to come around to see what Perth Fashion Festival comes up with, we are sure it is going to blow our minds! xx

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