What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Eltham Bookshop.

I'll let you in on a secret, here at The Boyfriend Shirt we are BIG bookworms. Walking around Eltham Bookshop was like being in heaven. Playing host to an eclectic mix of genres from the classics to new age this local store deserves every acclaim it has won.

Meera who is the warm, welcoming face behind the store has harnessed her passion for books by creating a bookstore that offers locals more than their average retail experience. Every few weeks authors come and participate in seminars held within the community that highlight current issues and topics.

The seminars have become well-known over the years and at one point out grew the humble town centre. Meera woke up one morning after announcing John Pilger was to visit, within a few days 600 people had registered their interest in attending. Insurance refused and Meera was face with telling the community they couldn't attend due to numbers. However, as delicate and petite Merea may appear don't let this fool you. She is an incredibly strong willed and dedicated women and she made it possible for John Pilger to present. Hosting the night in a local paddock with a mix match of chairs, over 700 people attended. Meera said she has heard countless stories from around town that John Pilger's speech had sparked a new generation of lawyers and aspiring political thinkers amongst the community.

Although the bookstore is incredible in its own right, if you're in Eltham when the bookstore plays host to an author it is well worth your time to attend.

A big thank you to Meera and her family for this article.X

(Meera Govil)


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