What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Patricia Field, Need We Say More.

Before I begin there are a few things that should be said:
1. I could write an entire book on this women and still feel like I hadn't given her enough praise;
2. She is the God responsible for every women across the world wanting to have a tutu in their wardrobe 'a la' Carrie Bradshaw;
3. Few people can pull off red hair quite like Patricia Field.
Sitting down having a cocktail with Patricia was rather surreal, I have always been a big fan of Sex and The City and while the plot was entertaining it was the outfits and style of the characters that captured my imagination. She chatted away about her favourite blue mink-fur vest; the surprise of Kim Kardashian gracing Vogue's cover; to wanting to become a philosopher if fashion hadn't become her career. 
When creating a character's costume what's your process, do you go shopping with an outfit in mind or does it jump out at you from the racks?
When I go out, it's a combination of both because I start out with a script that has a story and characters that's the first bit. Then the second is meeting the actor because they are the human-being that will create and bring the character to life. My job is to put those two together. So when I go out shopping I'll pull both parts together. That leads me in the direction of what kind of character it is, what they do, what their style is, who they are. And then the other side of it is you see something that looks really interesting and you think that might work. There is always a small idea but it can develop as it goes along and I fine tune it to fit the character.
Other than your own incredible store (a must as well) where would you suggest is a secret store in New York?
Century 21 is one of my favourites. They have so many wonderful samples from fashion houses and they clean out the room! You can find so many treasures and the price is always great so I always suggest to NYC visitors to go there. Another is a store called Ina, which is all based on consignment so actresses will pass along gifts from designers or things that get picked up after the runway show. There's about 6 around town. Albright is a fashion rental store, the place is huge and it has all kinds of goodies in there.
Patricia continued to recommend hanging out in Lower Eastside and Brooklyn, encouraging visitors to hire a car and navigate your own way around.  "There are so many amazing places, it's a mecca of people with so much culture. They're the spots that make New York the real New York, a mix of everything in Queens, the Burrows, Williamsburg".
So if you're ever around New York head into Patricia's store and let the desk know Patricia sent you- she has put the offer on the table!
Stay tuned for more Sex and The City news with Enex100 and Forrest Chase exhibiting the best looks from the series starting April 4th. PLUS if you feel like a cheeky drink after seeing what we were sipping on, TBFS has worked along side The Greenhouse to create a Mr Big cocktail that will be available for the next few weeks. Enjoy!

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