American Whiskey Masterclass.

So Eat Drink Perth has to be THE BEST time of the year. I know it’s a big call with all the amazing festivals coming to Perth but a festival devoted entirely to discovering new and exciting places to eat and drink in the city is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

While trawling the Eat Drink Perth website looking at all the events I stumbled across an American whiskey masterclass held at Varnish on King. For those of you who haven't been to Varnish it is a wonderland of many, many different types of Whiskey to try and a must for lovers of the spirit (or your lovers who love it - they also do a full range of other spirits and wine so go crazy.)

Situated behind heavy wooden doors on King Street, walking into Varnish feels like entering a secret American speakeasy. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, a great atmosphere, an extensive and well thought out drinks list and clever food make Varnish on King a heavy weight on the Perth small bar scene and a TBFS favourite.

(First taste of the night.) 

Held every Monday night until the 28th of April, the masterclass is a great way to learn a bit more about whiskey, its origins and which processes are used produce different flavours. I do love my whiskey but I usually drink it on the rocks over an extended period of time so sipping straight shots on a Monday night was an adjustment at first but you can always pop some water/ice into yours and don’t feel pressured to drink them all at once!


(Whiskey tasting paddle.)

Jamie Passmore was on hand to answer all your whiskey related questions and talk you through tastings from producers such as Canadian Club, Woodford Reserve, George Dickel and Wild Turkey. I am much more of a scotch girl myself so it was great to actually take the time to appreciate what makes a good bourbon and I now have a few solid options up my sleeve to order next time I am out! Jamie certainly knows what he is talking about and is super friendly and approachable so if you still want more after the class find him at the bar and continue the lesson over more whiskey and some polenta chips.

(The delightful Jamie.)


Click here to book a class and make sure you stay later for dinner and chats!! 



(Article PC: Varnish on King and due to a camera mishap Lou's iPhone - I think its clear which is which.....)


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