Winter is Coming.



(PC Kai Ridley.) 

The Boyfriend Shirt Winter in Perth Feature.

There is no denying that Perth, with its pristine beaches and open air venues, is in it's element in Summer however we thought that as Winter approaches we would share with you some of our favourite things, places and tips for getting the most out of our beautiful state over the winter months. Enjoy! Love Holly and Lou xx



(Coat, skirt and shoes: Bruug, Bag: Wild Horses, Shirt: Country Road. - PC Kai Ridley)

Lou on Fashion

I am a sucker for winter. Those who know me know I can't handle the heat and I love the layering options of the colder weather. This winter I can’t go past a big coat like this one from Bruug. Teamed with a silk shirt and a skirt (with bare legs because I overheat in ridiculous situations) it is my winter staple. I am also loving tonal dressing so expect to see me wearing different shades of the same colour out on the town VERY soon.

(Excuse the over exposure - you guys know how bright hair salons can be but CHECK OUT THAT COLOUR!!! I'm totally allowed to say that because it isn't my natural colour.)

Lou on Beauty

For winter my beauty is all about hair, lips and lashes. The colder weather does wonders for my pale complexion which means that a slick of wine coloured lipstick and some lash extensions get me through most social situations. I get my lashes from the gorgeous Sadi at Zeeba Creations (email us for her details) and they last me about 5 weeks without any sort of touch ups in between!

If I feel like I need a bit of colour or contouring the girls at Aussie Bombshell always take care of me. I am definitely a hard person to please tan wise and Aussie Bombshell has never disappointed. One of my favorite features is if you are lazy about scrubbing like me the tan is self correcting so you look great even when you have been naughty. And you wont go orange - I pinkie promise.

Hair is a bit trickier as not only is my hair super long and fine but it is red. To keep my (unfortunately faux colour) in top shape I use Kerastase Cristaliste shampoo and conditioner because it doesn’t contain any silicone to weigh my fine hair down. A quick mist of hair spray for those pesky baby hairs and a once over with Kérastase gloss appeal (to fix the mattifying effect of my hair spray) and I am totally good to go. All products available at Maurice Meade - check out their winter feature for more tips and tricks.)


(The gorgeous entry into North Freo's Habitué.)

Lou's Favourite Bars/ Restaurants

Winter is the time for hearty and delicious foods but Holly and I have to be careful about what we eat to avoid a chronic fatigue relapse. Below are my top 3 bar and restaurant picks for the Perth winter.


1. Bar Lafayette - The boys who own this bar are incredible. Order a cocktail from their menu (or, like me at the time of writing this, a bottle of Tempranillo to keep me company while I write) or just tell them what sort of thing you feel like (tequila, always - ask for the Adam and Eve) and they will whip something delicious up in a heart beat.

2. Varnish on King - A relative new kid on the block, Varnish are your go to for a warming whiskey on a cold evening. Decending into the basement bar feels almost prohibition era and the staff are the perfect mix of fun and knowledgable. Ask for a whiskey tasting plate and settle in with a good book.

3. Pica Bar - This sort of falls between the two categories as the steak sandwich here is out of this world (and available as GF) but PICA is also a favourite of ours for any ethanol based evening. Ask for the Fog City sangria or get a jug of something tasty.


1. The Wine Store - This place is just made for winter. With confits and soups on the menu all you need is some hilarious friends and a few spare hours to have a great night.

2. The Raw Kitchen - Raw doesn’t sound exactly like what you would crave in the winter but their new menu is serving up some serious delicious pizzas and pastas which will leave you completely satisfied. A TBFS tip is to order the turkish delight slice - I don’t care if you are full, get it to go.

3. Habitué - We are pretty obsessed with this place as you can see by our review. Really tasty and clever share plates come out in a gorgeous surrounding making this a delicious evening for a special event or just because you feel like treating yourself.




Holly's Fave Breakfast Spot to Indulge

Winter mornings to me should be spent hiding under thermal blankets and duvets, but after 22 years of my mother happily pulling the sheets off me by about 11am I have learnt that brunch is just as good. I spend a lot of time out in the Swan Valley where my lovely boyfriend lives and have recently discovered a hidden gem named The Lounge Room on James Street. The variety on their menu would make Manu swoon and to top it all off there are plenty of gluten free choices. My pick for a cold gloomy day.... bacon, french toast, caramelised banana and maple syrup. Need I say more? Probably not, I can bet your mouth is already watering at the mere thought.

After eating more than your fair share of food I highly recommend joining the hipsters and pensioners along the strip of antique stores on James Street. Wether you're there for a cool vintage vase or just enjoy a chuckle at the old signs, it's something different and a little crazy to mix up your weekend.

Holly's Choice of Outfit, Make Up and Hair

My picks for a causal winter's outfit... cons and comfy pants like these bright and happy pair from Bruug. They're super easy to style with block colours or white to be safe!

And finally your hair and make up! I am a very minimal makeup kind of a person so when it comes to rolling out of my cocoon of warmth (aka my bed) the last thing I feel like doing is dolling up. The wonderful people at Me by Maurice Meade have opened my eyes however and shown me that no fuss can still work without looking like death. Clean, bold brows help if you want to wear little makeup but still look presentable by faming your face. Queta helped me out with my bald, blonde, brows and gave them so much more shape and depth after just one session! Her tip for full natural looking brows, only use a brow shadow on the areas that a sparse to even out the appearance.


With every new season I think its an excuse for a new hair cut, so a visit to Maurice Meade in Garden City seemed only natural. I have extremely thin wispy hair so to give it some weight the wonderful Mary Anne recommended I go for a blunt cut with long layers to give it some body when styled. When it comes to styling hair my weapon of choice was Shu Uemura's Kaze Wave foam. When I applied it to curls they stayed put for 48 hours-even surviving the horrific storms a few weeks ago! My tip is to apply the foam to the roots of your hair rather than the ends and then brush the foam out.To keep my hair from drying out in the wind I also use Shu Uemura's Silk Bloom shampoo and Moisture Velvet conditioner. I am a uni student so can sympathise with the temptation to buy Coles' bargain dry shampoo. But trust me, investing in some good hair products will pay off and you will feel like goldilocks!

So its time to take off the onsies and enjoy the winter days in style! Go and buy yourself a hot chocolate on us ;)


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