What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Mobile Savvy.

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Recently my work place found out that I lead a double life swapping several times a day from corporate wear to event outfits in the humble space of my car. Since discovering my secret, colleagues have begun quizzing me on the ins and outs of what a blog actually is. Bearing in mind a few of them could be labelled as delightful golden oldies they seem to think the concept of a blog is as foreign and bizarre as a frenchman claiming they created sushi.

Following the Spanish inquisition into my online presence it was quickly followed by criticism saying that ‘the internet had made everyone distant’ and that our ‘generation sees the world through a screen’. As such, being a law student, I felt it only natural to rip their argument to shreds.

The internet and specifically social media has brought our world closer and given a new meaning to appreciating the little things.

Here is a scenario to ponder, you’re the kid who saw the baby monkey riding on the back of pig. If you haven’t seen what I am talking about your life is about to be changed, click here. So an incredible act of comedy and amazement is happening before your very eyes and it is only natural to want to share that with every one you know. Bring in the iPhone and technology! Without them we wouldn’t all be sitting here silently smiling to ourselves at the thought of the catchy little tune that accompanies the footage.

When someone pulls out their phone to take a photo, it isn’t because they want to be anti social and see the world through a Valancia filter. Rather they feel an urge to capture a moment in time to share with their friends and family wherever in the world they may be. 

The next time someone whips our their phone to take a photo of the sun setting, a hilarious number plate or their bacon and eggs, don't judge them but appreciate that they are enjoying that moment so much they want to preserve it forever. 

So thank you, to the world of technology for making us stop and smell the roses, in our own way.  



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