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(image thanks to Nikki)

We sometimes all feel run down and just exhausted after a full week of work. Between work, uni and blogging Holly and I really felt like we needed a recharge and to take some time for ourselves.

Enter Nikki Heyder of Nood who invited us along to our her first Nood event.

What followed was an amazing few hours of yoga, raw snacks, delicious teas and the opportunity to just unwind and hang out after a hectic month for TBFS.

(image thanks to Nikki)

The gorgeous Lulu took us through an hour of yoga overlooking the swan river which definitely challenged me but left us both feeling a million times better already! Lulu runs classes at the East Fremantle Tennis Club every Monday and Thursday night and we cannot recommend her highly enough.

After yoga Nikki treated us to an amazing spread of healthy and home made treats. Nood provides catering for events so definitely look her up for work or event snacks which will NOT disappoint. Our favourites were the chickpea patties and the incredible raw salted choc slice.

We got gorgeous gift bags to take away with more raw treats, Seventh Duchess tea and a variety of lovely products that we are already obsessed with. (because who can argue with a scrub that promises you a ‘juicy booty’).

The next Nood event is on July 13th and we would strongly recommend booking in sooner rather than later because this baby is going to sell out fast!

(the view from the yoga studio)

(Nikki left and Lulu right- how adorable are their flower crowns!)

Here is a little interview with the gorgeous Nikki on life, food and wellness....

A Nutritional, healthily and wholesome lifestyle has become so popular recently but you've been there from the beginning what inspired you and how did NOOD begin?

I guess NOOD started years and years ago when I started posting pictures of the food I was cooking (I've loved cooking for as far as I can remember). It just didn't have the 'NOOD' brand associated with it... People would often comment on the pictures or ask me to send them the recipe. When I decided to commence my studies in Nutritional Counselling, my style of cooking also changed - I started experimenting with new ingredients and trying to turn 'no-no food' into NOOD Food. I worked in a commercial kitchen for 3 years and learnt the ins and outs of large scale cooking, catering and how to work under immense pressure. It was great! So now I've combined all of my favourite things into one business - nutritional counselling, health coaching, recipes, clean eating catering and soon cooking classes as well.

Is there a role model or mentor who has guided your journey?

There isn't one particular person who I would say is my 'role model' because I think I have many role models in my life. I choose to surround myself with beautiful people who each have their own particular qualities that I admire and look up to. My family is a huge inspiration to me - not only are they supportive but each one of them are successful and driven in their own right so that is a massive driving force for me. My boyfriend is there for me through EVERYTHING and he is a massive rock of support - he genuinely believes in me and in NOOD and often when I am feeling doubtful (yes, it happens to all of us!), he is there to give me a hug and convince me to keep pushing on.

What are your three golden rules when it comes to health and food?

a) Drink plenty of water - TOO many people do not drink enough water. Our bodies need water to function properly, to keep our organs healthy and to flush out toxins through our lymphatic systems. If you don't like the bland taste of water try adding some fresh mint or a slice of orange/lemon for a flavour boost.

b) Buy Locally, Seasonally & organic (where you can) - food is at its best when it is actually 'in season' - it just tastes SO much better. Don't waste money buying imported items which aren't fresh and local - you will end up spending way too much! Visit your local farmers markets every weekend and do your weekly fruit & veg shop there - embrace the change in produce and use each season as a time to experiment with new and exciting recipes.

c)Make time for yourself every day - As a coach & counsellor, one of the most common things I hear from my clients is: "I wish I had more time to do the things I love". I understand that time is precious and there never seems to be enough hours in a day... BUT if you don't make time for yourself it can lead to anxiety, stress, anger, and resentment towards those around you. Finding time to look after YOU is crucial to your health so book an appointment with yourself every day and stick to it!

There are a lot of crazy foods out there what is the oddest one you have worked with?

I don't know if I would call it 'odd' but seaweed has been something that I have been using more and more in my cooking. It has a high protein content which comes from its algae content, it is rich in Iodine and boasts excellent antioxidants as well as other essential nutrients such as magnesium and calcium. There are SO many types of seaweed out there and at first it can be daunting to decide when and where to use it! But now, I have tasted so many types and use it in salads, soups, use seaweed noodles in replacement of rice noodles, grind it up with sea salt, pepper and sesame seeds to make a crust for my salmon, add it in Asian dressings or sauces, or use it as a wrap instead of bread. Its a fun one to experiment with, that's for sure.

A lot of our readers don't include gluten in their diets any tips for celiac or gluten intolerance?

The biggest tip that I can give someone who chooses to eliminate gluten from their diet is DON'T BE FOOLED BY ADVERTISING. Always read the labels and remember that just because a product says it is 'gluten free' it does not automatically make it healthy. Too often I see people eating things like gluten free pretzels thinking that they must be better for them then regular pretzels...but they're not. So read, read read the labels and look out for added preservatives, sugars, flavour enhancers, sodium or anything else that your body should not be injesting. Better yet, stear away from processed foods in general. If you are Coeliac experiement with things like quinoa, buckwheat, mung bean noodles, Konjac, brown rice and don't just eat plain gluten free bread or white rice/noodles. They are just empty calories which contain little nutritional benefit.

Food is vital in living well but what would you suggest when it comes to exercise and keeping calm in our hectic lifestyles?

With exercise I would suggest finding something that works for YOU. The great thing is, there are SO many different types of exercise out there so it's no longer about running on a treadmill at the gym. Definitely look into your options and try something new each week until you find your match. The last thing you want to be doing is something you hate! If you can make exercise seem like 'fun' your winning... I am a big Yoga fan but I also see a Personal Trainer who keeps my strength and cardio fitness up. Fitness is also a great way to release stress and anxiety and of course it triggers the release of serotonin (our 'feel good' hormones)!

When it comes to managing stress and keeping calm, I believe it is a really personal thing... but it is SO important to find what works for you. Same as the exercise, you need to figure out what your 'release' is so that you don't keep everything bottled up inside. For me, luckily enough I find peace when I am cooking for family and friends - it is almost like a meditation for me, experiemnting with recipes and serving my food to the people I love. Yoga is also a great stress reliever - if I have had a crazy day or am feeling anxious, yoga will calm me right down - its amazing! Try meditation, reading a book, going for a walk. Once again though, it all reverts back to finding 'me time' and unfortunately it can be very easy to put ourselves last.

A lot of people get worried when it comes to maintaining a health regime at home what would you suggest as the best way or tips?

- Clear out your fridge and pantry of all processed, high sugar foods including bottled salad dressings and things that are high in preservatives. If your kitchen is full of 'clean' food you will never be tempted to eat something bad

- Find your local farmers market and do as much as your shopping there as possible.

- Jump online or visit your local book shop and buy some new cook books. Become excited about food and plan at least one new recipe to make each week.

- Always carry a good quality filtered water bottle with you.

- Plan ahead! Spend your Sunday afternoon preparing some delicious meals for the week ahead so that you aren't stressed out when you come home from work. Make a batch of wholemeal muffins, a soup that you can freeze, roast a chicken to use in salads etc.

- Get outdoors. Don't think that ALL the exercise you do needs to be in a gym or class. Go for a walk every day for at least 30 minutes - not only is it good for your fitness but it's also a great way to clear your head.

What are your thoughts on Perth? What would your favourite spots be?

I love Perth! I think we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful city - blue skies, amazing beaches, fresh, delicious produce... I couldn't be happier here. Some of my favourite spots would probably be:

- The Raw Kitchen in Fremantle - yum yum yum!

- Viet Nosh in Nedlands - my favourite place to get Pho soup

- Natures Harvest in Cottesloe - fresh juices, smoothies & plenty of healthy ingredients to experiment with

- Kakulas Sister in Fremantle - excellent produce store

- Leighton Beach - great for a big walk with my dog

- Milk & Paper in Scarborough - my local coffee shop, its so cute and cosy

- I love going down south when I can and I have also explored our northern coast which is equally beautiful

Any big plans in the future for NOOD that you can share?

A cook book is definitely on the cards - hopefully for the end of next year. We are also about to launch our detox e-program in May which is quite exciting! It is designed to be a bit of a catalyst for someone who is keen to start their clean eating lifestyle and it only goes for 10 days which I think is realistic and manageable. The idea came to me because SO many people seem to be embarking on cold-pressed juice cleanses (which I think is awesome!) however, many who I speak to or who I have consulted during a cleanse had experienced quite severe 'detox side effects' including headache, nausea, severe hunger, and dizziness to name a few. When I investigated further and asked them about their diet prior to the cleanse, much of their daily routine would include not only processed foods but also foods which are very acidic (eg. alcohol, coffee, red meat, dairy, wheat). Just like a swimming pool, our bodies function best when our internal pH levels are at an optimum range and unfortunately many of the foods we consume today in conjunction with pollution, smoke, antibiotics, contraceptive pills etc raise the acidity levels in our body. When this happens it means our organs don't function as well and our internal systems need to work a little bit harder to detoxify what we are putting in. So I guess this detox is all about giving your body a much needed 'break' and to properly prepare your insides for the boost of nutrients that it will receive from the juice cleanse. It consists of a very comprehensive information booklet that I have put together along with a meal plan, recipes and a shopping list all designed by me for the specific purpose of reducing acidity and boosting detoxification. It then ends in a 3 day juice cleanse with a cold-pressed juicer (I have a list of preferred juice suppliers on my website) or you can align with your own favourite juicer providing that they meet the right criteria for the program. It is only $36.00 and like I said, will be available for anyone in the world to order at the start of next month.

Finally, what is a mantra or moto that you live by?

"Take Care of Your Body. It's the Only Place You Have to Live." - Jim Rohn


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