What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?


As children we always loved art galleries and to this day a gallery is our comfort equivalent of Holly Golightly’s Tiffany & Co. Art is something we love to get lost in but as students it seemed so unattainable as an investment. The first piece Lou ever bought was a huge aerial picture of Shark Bay which the artist gave to her basically at cost price because he could tell how much she loved it. We have also been blessed with very talented artists as friends which has allowed us to purchase pieces out of our immediate financial reach by organizing payment plans (and plying them with wine, lots of wine).

It was this idea which spurred #YOUNGATART as we wanted to help young people get the education and the passion needed to start their own art collections as part of a fun experience which removed all of the stuffy and scary stereotypes associated with art investment.

(Gary Kay speaks to the guests on the night about art investment.)

It is pretty intimidating to take that first step into art investment and although our friends wouldn't bat an eyelid at spending similar amounts on luxury items for some reason that wasn’t translating into investing in the local art scene. At TBFS we are really passionate about supporting local and with such amazing local talent it is not hard to find something magical in Perth to take home. Our local artists are driven to succeed and it is such a pleasure to be able to support them in some small way through investing in their work.

We wanted to create an environment where young people could meet artists and gallery owners to form the same relationships we had with the artists that we have invested in. We were incredibly lucky that Gary and Linton from Linton and Kay were so supportive in allowing us to hold #YOUNGATART in their gorgeous CBD space and the guys at Bunkers Wines were keen to be involved so our guests could appreciate some amazing WA produce on the evening.

We were so honoured to have Andy as our first featured artist for #YOUNGATART because his drive to constantly evolve and better himself is so inspiring. While speaking to our guests he hit the nail on the head when he said “I am going to try really hard to make your investment pay off and that picture be worth five times as much in a few years because if this art thing doesn’t work out I’ll be F***ed if I know what I will do otherwise.” This statement is a perfect example of what #YOUNGATART is all about and why we are so excited to be supporting the amazing talent that we have here in WA.

For more information on upcoming TBFS events please email us at info@the-boyfriend-shirt.com


(PC: Kai Ridley.)

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