Will You Crumble?

It's a well known fact amongst my family that I am a sucker for crumble! So much so that for years my mum would bake one as my birthday cake (despite it being the middle of summer in February). However, I wont disagree that a hot, rich dessert like crumble is probably more common in the winter months. I can be a terrible cook (I regularly deviate from the recipe) but crumble is such an easy go-to creation that even I haven't managed to make a bad one yet!


1 Tablepoon of butter or margarine

¼ Cup coconut sugar

¼ Cup gluten free plain flour (this can be regular plain flour)

¼ Cup almond meal

1 Tablespoon of chia seeds

Hebral fruit tea bags

2 Apples

1 lemon

Ground cinnamon

Ground mixed spices

Cacao beans

Serves 1

I regularly make this little dish as a study snack but it can easily be double if you need.

The method behind a good crumble is extremely easy you chop up some fruit, make some crumble and whack the two in the oven untill it's golden! You can mix and match any combinations of fruits that you like, or add in additional nuts or seeds to the crumble too. For this recipe we have sourced some local fruits and Orgamix which is a wholly organic super food producer. Their range is incredible with so many crazy super foods on offer its great to support business in Perth along with our farmers. 

Start by thinly slicing your fruit, in this case apples. I prefer to keep the skin on since the slices are paper thin but you can peal them off if you wish.

In a small saucepan add 1 cup of water and bring to the boil adding in the herbal tea bags, I use two tea bags per cup but I like a strong flavour.

Once the water is rapidly boiling add the apples and mixed spices and cinnamon to taste (roughly a teaspoon) you can also add in some coconut sugar if the apples are not sweet enough. 

I add two slices of fresh lemon as well followed by about half a cup of boiling water to cover the apples if needed.

Keep them boiling away until the apples are just tender.

While the apples are stewing you can make the crumble.

Combine the coconut sugar, chia seeds, flour and almond meal in a large bowl. Add your butter at room temperature. Really important the butter isn't too soft or hard as it will make the crumbs harder to form.

I warn you now, this isn't the time to be wearing your favourite new jumper because making crumble can be messy!

My mum always told me that the the sign of a good crumble is clean palms. Meaning try to rub the butter and dry mix only between your thumb and fingers so that the mix doesn't become a cookie mixture but resembles crumbs. Keep going with the mixture until all the ingredients are combined and you're happy that it looks like delicious crumbs of butter and sugar! I tend to 'taste' a lot at this stage- all in the name of getting the perfect flavour of corse.

Don't be afraid to add a little extra sugar, almond meal or butter until you have the right texture. It is a bit of trial and error.

Keep an eye on the apples, once they have cooked strain them and transfer them to a dish appropriate for the oven. BIG tip don't use your mum's precious wedding crockery that isn't oven proof you will not be in the good books no matter how divine your desert tastes.

Pile the crumble on top of the apples making sure it gets down all the sides and has an even coverage on top. I try to keep to a two thirds fruit one third crumble rule when working out how much to pile on top.

Sprinkle some more cinnamon and mixed spices with fresh lemon juice before baking at 180C until golden!

I've used some crushed cacao seeds on top but they do have a rather bitter taste so taste them before going crazy thinking they are M&M's.

Finally enjoy!

For this recipe I really encourage you to play around with your favourite flavour combinations. A crumble can be very sweet by replacing ground cinnamon with cinnamon sugar and additional fruits like apricots or it can have a slight savoury twist like this one with chia seeds and tea! It is all personal preference but make sure you sit down and enjoy it (I recommend the company of a furry friend like my favourite man Loui too)!

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