What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Old Faithful is a New Favourite.


As soon as I read that Old Faithful was dedicated to American style BBQ and whiskey I already knew I was going to love it. After a hectic few weeks at TBFS I thought that the boy deserved a night out and figured plying him with a huge plate of meat and ethanol based liquid was the perfect way to say thanks.

(I was naughty and didn't take the name of this wine down but it was AMAZING. I think it was called Bresse but just ask the bartender for the Temp.)

As with anything good in Perth there was a wait to be seated but we just grabbed a drink and caught up while sneaking glances at everyone else's plate to decide what we should get. I have a special passion for tapas style food because I can order a million things to pick at and then the boy gets to eat all the rest. This is why Old Faithful is genius. Anyone who has been to the States knows that their portion sizes are out of control when it comes to BBQ but Old Faithful lets you buy meat by the 100g portion so you can build your own little sampler plate and try everything.

(The wait time can be used to peruse the extensive menu and lock in your selections.)

We tried the beef rib, chicken wings, lamb and pork middle with a token side of greens - token as in we ordered them to have a ‘balanced’ meal, the serving itself was very generous. Each meal is served with bread (unfortunately no gf bread but really with all that meat I didn't need it) and sliced onion. On the tables there are bottles of BBQ sauce, hot sauce and vinegar to be added with reckless abandon and eating with your hands is encouraged.

(I died and went to BBQ heaven.)

After the first bite of beef rib I was informed “yeahhhh we are coming here again” and then the conversation pretty much died out as we ate our way through the plate. Favorites were the chicken wings which the waitress described as coated in BBQ sauce and deep fried so I already was in love with them before I ate them but the sauce had zings of ginger and was full of really clever flavour. The beef rib was melt in your mouth and a total stand out slathered in BBQ sauce and eaten with the onion. One thing that we did not do (which in hindsight was a total rookie error) was get pickles as a side. I remember now from my eating marathons in the USA that pickles cut through the richness of the meat and act as a bit of a palate cleanser so make sure you add them to your order.

(The blue cheese sauce that came with the chicken wings was to die for. I am literally getting hungry writing this blog post.)

The Old Faithful has received a lot of hype since opening with a frenzy on Urban Spoon and a feature in Gourmet Traveller but the hype is well deserved. What you get is generous portions for reasonable prices and a great night out in a beautiful corner of our city.

(Owner TJ Andersen.)

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