What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Savoir Faire.

Every girl knows what it is like to use really special makeup. The packaging, smell, taste and quality makes it an experience to use it and once you cross over you curse yourself for loitering at the Priceline bargain bin for so long. Most of these luxury brands are extensions of famous fashion houses and while they are amazing to use we are always looking to get into something closer to home which is why we have fallen head over heels for Perth company Savoir Faire. Brand owner Leia let TBFS photographer Kai backstage on their newest shoot to take some behind the scenes snaps of The Face babe Sarah Tilleke absolutely killing it in their latest campaign. She also gave us an insight into the brand and what makes Savoir Faire so unique.

What motivated you to start Savoir Faire?

I had been working as a makeup artist for quite a few years and I was frustrated by inconsistency within brands I worked with as well as obvious holes in the market when it came to skin tones. I wanted to create a product that was truly beautiful but also ethical, high quality and addressed the issues in the market I had found. A brand that made you fall in love with every product.

What sets you apart from other cosmetics brands?

I think one of the main things that sets us apart from other brands is the innovation we use in our products that come straight from our own creativity and the best in the industry. Every product is something we have personally developed from the inside out. We are a multi-sensory brand. We want the product to look beautiful, feel expensive, smell delicious, taste incredible and even sound great when you click it open or closed.

It is really great to see Perth owned businesses doing so well, are the many challenges or advantages with being based here?

I think being based in Perth has equal amounts of challenges and advantages. The distance to most countries are a challenge as well as fighting against the isolation we often feel. Perth businesses need to win the hearts of their own people which isn't easy, but once it's done, those people will be fiercely loyal. The advantages are actually driven by the challenges. They push to always be your absolute best at all times and leave no room for error. There is so much talent here in Perth and I don't think that's a coincidence. To make it here you have to really be the best you can be.

We know Savoir Faire is mineral based makeup, tell us how using this will benefit our readers skin and health?

We do have a mineral foundation in our line but we have taken it that one step further. Embracing the philosophies of mineral makeup, we have sourced the highest quality ingredients we could and removed the harmful chemicals from our range. We are also cruelty free. The health of our customers is very important to us. From day one we considered the impact of our brand on the health and happiness of those using it. We have had some wonderful feedback from clients with highly sensitised skin feeling free to wear makeup again without severe reaction. Although it may seem small to some, every woman knows the positive impact on your emotional wellbeing when you feel beautiful.

We love a brand that is so committed to being cruelty free, talk to us about why you made the commitment this?

This is so important to us. There have been incredible advancements in technology that really make testing on animals archaic and unnecessary. Not to mention inhumane. We can still get the test results we need to qualify each product without needing to test on animals. We hope that one day this will be an obsolete and disused practise all around the world. We have even gone as far as to use synthetic hairs in our upcoming brush range because the standard of living for the animals used in hair markets around the world was not acceptable to our standards.

What colours are you loving for the colder weather at the moment?

There are so many to choose from! I am loving metallic eyes in bronze and rose and a black liner with a soft lip. My other favourite is a deep bold lip in a red, oxblood or plum. This is a go to look for us at SF HQ and is really so simple for a quick transformation from office to evening.

What trends will we see translate into spring and summer looks this year?

I think you will see the deeper metallic eyes go a little lighter and bronzer for summer. Coupled with glowing fresh skin and boho waves in the hair.

Anything exciting on the horizon for Savoir Faire that you can share with us?

We have a lot on the go right now but our move into the international market is about to start. It is fast becoming a challenge to keep up with all the opportunities coming our way. It looks as though the USA and Europe are our next port of call.

Favourite secret spot in Perth?

I don't know how much of a secret it is but my family and I love to go to Matilda Bay and eat fish and chips. Watch out for the swans though- they're a big fan of them too! My favourite spot to eat is a gorgeous french restaurant in Nedlands called Chez Pierre. The food is amazing and tastes like it's straight from France. They even import their bread dough and butter from Paris!

Most exciting upcoming cultural event in Perth for you?

I am really looking forward to all the great fashion events that Telstra Perth Fashion Festival is bringing.

Any advice for Perth women looking to be more adventurous with their makeup choices?

Be confident! I guarantee you it's not as scary as it seems. Put on that lipstick and watch the compliments flow. People always underestimate how gorgeous they really are!

(Check out that amazing pigment!)

(We are such a sucker for a beautiful package here at TBFS.)

(We were lucky enough to be given some of these beauties and we can confirm they smell and TASTE divine.)

(The beautiful Sarah just being a babe.)

(BTS with Kai.)

For more info on Savoir Faire and to stock up on some of their goodies head to their website here!


(All images thanks to Kai Ridley.)

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