Leo & Spargo.

Here at The Boyfriend Shirt, we are big fans of our partners' wardrobes -if you hadn't guessed. And while their pjs may be the perfect loungewear on sundays it's their shirts that really tickle our fancy. 
Leo and Spargo have incredibly cool tops that we can buy the boyfriends while secretly planning how to wear them with some ripped cutoffs for ourselves. So ladies and gentlemen this one has a bit for both of you!
I have to thank my wonderful boyfriend, Chris for playing model here and making his TBFS debut. As much as I can rave over a tee, a male opinion is probably going to go a little further. Men, I gather you're big fans of comfort. Chris assures me this top was as comfy as his trackie jumper while also being socially accepted at a bar, unlike the track top - what more could you want!? 
We took a moment to chat with Kate, the master mind behind the hip brand.
What drew you to mens' fashion and designing menswear?
I grew up with four brothers, and was surrounded by very strong male role models; men that were brave, adventurous and driven.  When I started designing for the action sports industry in California, I naturally felt more comfortable with men's brands.  My first design job back in Australia was in men's accessories for a local surf label, which sort of cemented that skill and interest.  The genuine, simple nature of menswear really appeals to me.
Where did the name Leo and Spargo originate from?  
My husband once told me about his great grandfather Leopold, and Leo's camel Spargo. Leo was a soldier in both world wars, a cameleer and an opera singer.  His story immediately captured my imagination.  I have so much respect for people like him that live big, and the combination of strength and class that must have been present in a man like that.  It's the perfect story to inspire a men's brand!
The shirts all have unique slogans, how do you come up with the quirky designs?
I try to immerse myself in good, timeless design as much as possible.  Researching ideas and words, and taking in great design is my favourite part of the process, and ideas start to form as a result of that.  As far as the slogans go, it seems to be something that just comes naturally.  Puns are becoming a bit of an addiction, actually.  
How would you recommend the shirts be styled and paired back?  
I love seeing a Leo and Spargo shirt paired with skinny jeans, braces and a nice boot, or with a timeless cap, leather belt and vintage leather shoe.  I'm quite inspired by the way men of the past would dress well for both work and business, and I like to think that our shirts are just as versatile, and suited for going out or going bush.
What's in the future for Leo and Spargo?
We've been working really hard to perfect a new range of leather accessories and headwear, and expand the Leo and Spargo line.  Everything will be released in the coming months, so you can keep an eye out for that, or sign up at to stay updated on new products
What would be your perfect gentleman to rep Leo and Spargo? 
Matt Corby
Do you have a perfect 'boyfriend shirt' yourself?  
I do love a good fitted vintage men's button up with rolled up sleeves.  
Your favourite secret spots in Perth?  
These days I spend most of my time with my two little ones, or working away in our home in Freo, but Who's Your Mumma on Wray Avenue is great for the odd drink.  We've also been loving the new Hougomont hotel in Fremantle for a little escape from the chaos of kids and work.
Is there an event in Perth you're looking forward to? 
The Hidden Treasures music series in Fremantle in July.

 (Images excluding Chris thanks to Kai Ridley)

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