Truffle Kerfuffle.

If there is one thing to know about us it is that we love our food and wine. Business meetings regularly take place over cheese boards and a bottle of red so heading to Fonty's Pool to cover the 2014 Truffle Kerfuffle was a bit of a no brainer. We grabbed some friends and A LOT of snacks for the road trip down which was all going smoothly until nearly going to blows over differing opinions over Kesha. 
The weekend was full of food, wine tastings and truffle hunts. Plus indulging in mulled cider while mingling with the local farmers and creatures... 
(After losing a raffle I think the boys thought offering Holly a hold of a Marron was somehow a consolation prize?)
(Can we have one of everything?)
(This bad boy was 475g and was the first truffle found of the season!)
(Lola the truffle dog on our truffle hunt.)
(She got a bit sick of finding truffles haha.)
(Matt Skinner aka the wine whisperer.)
(Check out the shape of this glass!! Who even knew that the shape of the wine glass could impact the taste of a wine so vastly? *Takes wine out of coffee mug*.)
(We are still dreaming of this curd, hazelnut and Jerusalem artichoke concoction with crispy milk skin. Check it out at Vasse Felix on your next getaway down south.)
(More amazing produce. Seriously we ate So. Much. But how could you not?)
(Truffles were a delightful surprise when paired with this smooth chocolate mousse -incredible)
Cheers to an amazing weekend - we will definitely be back next year and can't recommend it highly enough. It is the perfect opportunity to get away from the city with friends and family and check out the best produce that our state has to offer in a beautiful setting!

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