What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Dyspnea - pronounced dysp·ne·a.


dysp·ne·a (dĭsp-nē'ə) 
 Difficulty in breathing, often associated with lung or heart disease and resulting in shortness of breath.


A killer new fashion label from Perth.

Jameen and Rachel have taken over the fashion world with pompoms and sequins. In just a few months Dyspnea has graced the pages of Vogue, Elle, Oyster & MBFWA; plus a little bird has told us New York is on the hit list too.

What inspired you ladies to start a fashion label together? 

We had been making clothes for each other to party in and soon the pieces were in demand! 

Where did the name Dyspnea come from? 

We were up late one night after a few cheeky drinks and came across the name - dyspnea, it stuck. The meaning was relevant (hungry for air) and it was real catchy

Lou and I know that sometimes it’s hard to agree on something while other times it’s like we share a brain how is it creating designs as one? 

We have our tiffs (who does't) We thrive of each other though. Rach will come up with an idea and then Jameen will just make it grow and than we get really excited!

Your brand is definitely crazy but still very feminine with lots of textures talk us through your process? 

We are all about texture! We go mad for it! The fabrics need to keep up with our dreams!

Is there a benefit of keeping Perth as a base for your label?

The ongoing support we have had from the industry, we've got eachothers back.

For such a young label from Perth you ladies have conquered a lot! From MBFWA and the How to Live girls wearing Dyspnea, British Vogue, Oyster and now Elle can you pick a highlight? 

It has been such a roller coaster for us! MBFWA was a pretty surreal moment. The adrenaline kicked in and we did't stop. Having all the models getting dressed backstage and everyone snapping and screaming for your instagram name while your sticking diamantes to the girls eye brows, it was hilarious!

How would you say Dyspnea should be worn or styled for your average person who might be afraid of some sparkles (that is if that person existed who doesn’t love sequins!) 

Chuck a crop over a white singlet or wear the mermaid pants with an oversized tee. It tones the dyspnea pieces down but still draws enough attention.

What's your favourite piece from the current collection?

The Daffy two piece !

What would be your favourite Perth hangout or secret spot? 

Nothings a secret in Perth we all blab too much!

The craziest thing you’ve done in our little city (that we can publish)? 

Never failing to end up at clubba every thursday and sunday night....

Is there an exhibition or event that you’re looking forward to in Perth? 

Rooftop cinemas in summer.....so so far awaaay. 

Name the top 3 things about living in WA...

The beaches, no traffic and the sunday sessions!

(all images credit to Dyspnea)

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