What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Two Feet and a Heartbeat.

The Two Feet and a Heartbeat walking tours are pretty much an open love letter to Perth. Taking us through winding lanes into bars tucked behind CBD offices it got us to look at the city from a different angle and really brought home the fact that Perth is pretty rad. We are SO lucky to be in a city where you can have produce that chefs all over the world rave about paired with wine that gives the French a run for their money whilst enjoying some of the most renowned street artists in the world on your stroll home.

We wandered around the city for 3 hours on our Two Feet tour learning about the history of Perth, the stories behind the masses of street art and being introduced to some of Perth's coolest local bars. I left feeling more excited and inspired about Perth than ever and we were lucky enough to have had a quick chat to Two Feet co- founder Ryan Zaknich about what make Two Feet and Perth so special.

What inspired Two Feet and a Heartbeat?
We were sick of hearing people complain that there was nothing to see and do in Perth. This was 7 or 8 years ago when it was popular to bash the city. It was a pastime for some. We knew it wasn’t the case, so we created Two Feet as a protest to show people that they were wrong!

What impact has the granting of more small bar licences around perth had on your tours?
It enabled us to actually create a tour which highlights the small bars that have emerged in the wake of deregulation. Quite clearly, the general public love these venues.

What is your favourite part of running Two Feet and a Heartbeat?
Getting to research history for a living and then finding a way to be able to pass that along to people so that they feel like they have a greater connection with the place.

What has been a challenging aspect of running Two Feet and a Heartbeat and what kept you going?
Anyone who runs their own business will tell you that it is a challenging experience. Nothing is easy, but what keeps me going is that i genuinely love what I am doing and there is no limit to the potential that Two Feet has with regards to tours in Perth or other cities. My experiences with Two Feet has opened many doors for jobs all over the world now.

Any advice for our readers on breaking out of their usual and discovering something new in Perth?
Just go and explore. Stop at places…some you will like, some you won’t. The best way to discover is going for a walk. Life lives at street level, so be a part of it.

Favourite secret spot in Perth?
That wouldn’t leave it as a secret , would it?

What upcoming event in Perth are you most looking forward to?
Always look forward to Fringe Festival, but as that is a while away, it’s Heritage Days in October. Its the largest heritage festival in Australia.

What would your perfect day in Perth look like?
I love it when it rains. It doesn’t do it that much and I get very excited when it does. So many people lock themselves up when it does, but i think its the best time to be out. Generally I’ll walk about a fair bit and pop into some places for coffee and lunch. I also like to spend that time down on the river near Maylands. Its so under appreciated there.

(TBFS fav Stormie Mills.)

(Helvetica has the whiskey and the puns. what more could we want?)

For more info on Two Feet and a Heartbeat and to book your own tour head to their website here and make sure you tag us in at #TBFS on your tour!

 (All PC: Kai Ridley.)

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