What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Getting Lost at Lost Lake.


(The amazing Lost Lake range.)

Sometimes things are better left in the past. That dish you had at that little bistro in Paris might not be quite as life changing as you remembered and maybe that old love you agreed to meet up with in a moment of weakness on facebook isn't quite the 'one that got away' that you had built him up to be. But some things deserve to be visited again and again. When I was 19 and nursing a painful breakup and the removal of 4 wisdom teeth from my face my girlfriends took me down south in an effort to cheer me up. While we were down there we spent an amazing afternoon at this little winery basking in the sun and enjoying some wine.

Fast forward 7 years and driving down to our accommodation in Pemberton we passed the sign for Lost Lake winery and my screeches of excitement simultaneously nearly caused Dan to crash and ended mine and Holly's argument about the validity of Kesha on the music scene. The next day we headed down to the cellar door to check it out, stock up on honey merlot and met Ash and Tim - the new owners who are seriously revamping Lost Lake to become the next big thing.

For those of you lucky enough to secure a ticket to The Hidden Sound these boys have come on board so make a bee line for the bar and ask for a Lost Lake wine!

(Lost Lake co-owner Ash and his Bengal kitten. That is a kitten.)

What is the history behind Lost Lake?

Lost Lake is one of the oldest vineyards in the Pemberton area and 3 previous owners have all had their influence on the property which means that today we have the well-established dry grown Vineyard which produces excellent wine. 

We know you have only taken over quite recently, what made you want to purchase the winery?

Some people think we’re crazy I know but I really love winemaking - the whole process from soil to glass. I believe in Terroir in that the site makes a wine unique, I have a passion for making honest wines and believe many people out there appreciate that too. I guess you can say I’m a bit of a control freak and if you want something done properly you do it yourself, so my business partner Tim and I took on the challenge to find the perfect property. We looked all around Australia and could not go passed Lost Lake with its strong pedigree and awesome location we think we can take it to the next level. So here we are.

What makes Lost Lake wines special?

Besides being in one of the most amazing wine regions in the world the property is located on the fertile soils of Eastbrook, with good elevation and a northern aspect the grapes ripen perfectly. The vines are some of the oldest dry grown vines in the region, being 100% estate grown and made on site make for a great foundation. I grow it, I make it and I bottle it, Unfortunately that cannot be said about many wines in the industry today.

We are seeing some amazing wines coming out of the South West region at the moment, why do you think that is?

There is an amazing collection of great winemakers in the region together with maturing vines helps lift quality too. To be honest the South west of WA is very unique we have such a diverse range of soils and climate. Pemberton is only starting to get recognized as the home of amazing wine and food.
Have you got any exciting upcoming plans for Lost Lake that you can share with us?

We have our new Lost Lake Label coming out in September thanks to our good friend Steve Cross, a Melbourne Artist come tattoo artist come street artist.

On a side project, everyone needs one, we have just made a Pink Lady apple cider, the apples came from Bob Omodei under the pink nets you can see from our cellar door. I am making it Method traditionale, a bit like a Sparkling wine. It will be matured for 12 months in bottle before disgorging and release. Worth keeping an eye out for.

Your honey merlot wine is quite unique, can you tell us a bit about the process to get that distinct flavour and what foods should we be pairing it with?

Honey Merlot is a phenomenon, what can I say it just works from this site. Good ripe Merlot, careful ferment control and stopping of the ferment with the right balance of sweetness and flavor. I love the Honey Merlot with a fresh spicy Thai Green curry.
When can our readers expect to see Lost Lake wines hitting the shelves in Perth? Where can we buy them from in the mean time?

We have some limited release already under to old label but our new Label will be out in September. A few Independent Liquor stores around Perth will start to see a lot more of Lost Lake in the coming months. At the moment they can contact our email info@lostlake.com.au or phone 08 9776 1251, with Australia Post only taking a few days to deliver to the Perth Metro.
Ultimate food and wine pairing?

Sauvignon Blanc with fresh marron lightly salted on a bed of fresh gnocchi, burnt butter sauce and crispy Kale, Sage and a small touch of and truffle on top. You can’t go wrong.
Favourite secret WA spot? 

Mulimup Beach, about a ¾ of an hour 4 wheel driving to the coast form here. Its so cool, a beach next to some old cliffs, you can have a swim, light a fire, relax and often be the only person for 20km.
And we have to talk a little about Tim and his new venture...

My co owner, Tim Neesham, is a venture capitalist and he spent three years working to bring Yowie, the Australian equivalent of the kinder surprise back after it was stopped when Kraft took over Cadbury. He successfully floated the company under the code YOW.ASX and is now in the process of taking it to America later this year and then hopefully to Europe and Australia next year.

It sort of suits him as he is an adult that never really grew up and he is also the one that wants to put the red boat from our new label out on the dam and then allow people who have purchased wine to tee off with golf balls next to our outside toilets at the boat for a chance to win a free bottle of honey merlot.

I have been school friends with Tim for many years and my son Isaac was actually born on the day that he was walking out in the stadium for the Bejing Olympics when he played waterpolo. This was his third and final Olympics before he now joins me being an armchair sportsman and my biggest wine critic.

(Where the Magic happens...Ash and Tim gave us a few tastes of the upcoming vintages and trust us - you will want to stock up on these bad boys.)

(Holly and one of the winery pups.)


If you simply cannot wait until September then head to the website here to order up big and support local - trust us you will become a regular!




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