What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

The Hidden Sound.

Would you trust a total stranger to lead you to an unknown place where you had no idea what you were doing? Probably not, let's be honest it sounds like a scene from Taken with Liam Neeson about to jump out and start threatening to use his special set of skills.

But for 150 perth music lovers they did just that, trusting The Boyfriend Shirt and event masterminds Jarrad Seng & Jess Butcher to host an unforgettable night. Appropriately named The Hidden Sound, we have our fingers crossed that we did just that.

On the 31st of July an eerily empty second floor of the old Myer complex in Fremantle was transformed. Guests gathered at the muster point still unaware of where the secret venue was or who our mystery songstress was. Led up through the Queensgate car park you would be forgiven for thinking we had lost our marbles but it wouldn't be a secret venue if we had said meet outside now would it?

So the venue is revealed and everyone was enjoying drinks thanks to our good friends at Lost Lake Winery & Gage Roads Brewery. And what is a glass of red without some brie cheese?

Nibbles catered by yours truly all sourced from Fremantle Markets.

Once everyone was feeling merry they were shown through to the pièce de résistance where our top-secret act was revealed. As Kate Miller Heidke walked down to the stage, the applause from the crowd was enough to say we had accomplished our mission in providing an unforgettable night. Her performance was nothing short of magic, made even better with an appearance from Ryan Keen

(The beautiful Kate made even more gorgeous by Jess' impeccable styling)

(Jarrad, the overlord - but lovely man- behind the concept enjoying a TBFS lolly jar)

Major thanks to all of the following in letting The Boyfriend Shirt help create & be a part of The Hidden Sound, we loved it...

Jarrad Seng

The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist, The Creator

Photos provided by:
Kai Ridley
Jarrad Seng 
Ryan Ammon
(The crazy good Sam Perry opening the night)

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