What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Little Bird On Lake St.

Here at TBFS we love bacon almost as much as Cara Delevingne, so it's a top priority that we hunt down the best brunch spots in Perth. Little Bird is definitely a front runner in our books.

This little gem is hidden at 100 Lake St and is home to decadent cakes, edible flowers and best of all - crunchy bacon. 

The ever charming and charismatic owner James sat down with us over a coffee to chat about organic, raw & local foods. 

Where did the concept of Little Bird originate? 

Well the cafe was originally the Overflow cafe which was the kind of spot you wouldn't want to get your smoko from if you were an overweight obese worker, not a pretty sight. So my wife and I came in about 12 months ago. The idea for Little Bird came about when we were attacked by birds and my wife and I just kept running up and down the street screaming birds. And it stuck.

You and your wife sound like the dynamic duo

Yeah! My wife has a real love for raw, organic and fresh produce, she is the creative one! She bakes all the cakes, came up with the juices, smoothies, pretty much the whole menu. She is amazing. We wanted to create a place where people can come and eat good food no matter if they're vegetarian, have an intolerance or just want a decent meal. 

So are you just the pretty face then?

Haha! I'm not even that have you seen her!? That's why I married her!

I would marry your wife after tasting those pancakes! Can you tell us the secret, pretty please?

Haha do I divulge the secret! The pancakes are buckwheat so are totally gluten & dairy free. To make sure they're not too dry we add in a little coconut yogurt which is all made in house. We experimented with it for a good few months before they appeared on the menu and I was subjected to some of the worst buckwheat pancakes! Driving from Perth to Albany and my wife would get me to try these flapjack style things, so much bad digestion. I hope she doesn't read this she will kick my butt!

Don't worry your wife has nailed it now! You mentioned that the coconut yogurt is made in house, that's so good!

Yeah! Even the chai, almond milk, pretty much everything that we can is made onsite! I make the chai mix, I get all the spices and mill them up. Then we add the black tea and organic honey of the top. That way when we put the chai mix into the milk all the honey just coats the cup it's great. If it's not made here we locally source it; so our bread is from down the road at Little Home Bakery. We've taken our time to seek out the good stuff. 

What's a top secret not many people know about the cafe?

Well we have an upstairs! Pretty cool venue with fairy lights and you can see the city. We've got a fashion show being held up there in a few weeks, album launches, book signings, it's all happening. 

What would be your top three things you love about Perth?

I would have to say, the weather, the people and the sky. Have you ever looked at our horizon, its so big! Best thing about not having tall buildings in the way.

Any final things for our readers?

Ummmm we love people who wear odd hats & funny people. If anyone comes in and tells me an amazingly funny joke right of the bat and is a good down to earth person I might give them a free coffee! We like that kinda vibe. 

This little guy was eyeing off the bacon too.....

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  • Radley Wright on

    Great article ladies, your writing sums up Little Bird Cafe perfectly. And special thanks for featuring me Too. Your mate Radley xx

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