PICA Salon.

(Artist: Tom Borgas.)

Here at TBFS we are lucky enough to have some extremely talented artist friends and they are some of the bravest people we know. To pursue your passion so completely is pretty gutsy and we feel so honored to be able to invest in their passion and support them. Supporting the arts is one of the reasons we started TBFS and we love watching our local favorites flourish on the national and international arts scene!

(How cool is this homage to golden gaytimes by Kenny Pittock!)

PICA is Australia’s best contemporary arts space situated in the cultural centre in Northbridge. As well as having a bar that makes THE BEST steak sandwich ever (trust us - have it with the Octogenarian red) the gallery is a not for profit space which aims to be a “catalyst for innovative and ground breaking art and culture.” Partially funded by the State and Federal government PICA also has programs like PICA1000 to bring together artists and investors to expand Perth’s artistic community.

(Artist: Sarah Elson.)

The PICA1000 program simplifies supporting the arts and getting into investing in your own pieces as all the work is done for you! For a yearly tax deductible donation you get to meet and mingle with some of Australia’s up and coming collectable artists, attend a variety of different events and behind the scenes experiences throughout the year and get the opportunity to attend the hottest night out in the art world- the annual Salon Vernissage. We were lucky enough to attend the Salon Vernissage this year and it is an amazing evening where you get to socialise with the artists, enjoy gourmet cocktails and nibbles and get the chance to see and bid on a curated collection of PICA artists.

(Artist: Max Pam.)

The PICA donor programs are an amazing and fun way to get into the arts scene and support our local superstars! To get on board email to get an info pack and get behind our amazing local talent.

(This piece by William Kentridge printed on vintage book paper was a hot ticket at the Salon Vernissage auction!)

(Love the amazing pink floor in the gallery for the Salon.)

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