What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Getting Intimate With Aimee Cherie.

When it comes to delicate and lacy intimates there is none better that Perth girl Aimee Kendall. The seductive and alluring bralletes that are Aimee Cherie have us infatuated. Ladies - these need to find their way into your closet.

I can’t help but see the model gods of the 90’s wearing Aimee Cherie Intimates, Kate Moss seems to be the perfect muse. Did you have someone in mind when creating the pieces?

You've hit the nail on the head there! I'm very much drawn to the allure of the 90's feel and its muses. Many Kate Moss archive pictures play apart in the mood boards when designing new pieces, and are always rolling over on the blog too! There's something about the look of those girls 20 odd years ago that is so effortless and cool, and it's exactly what I want the AC brand to feel like.

Do you have a fave 90’s anthem you can listen to on repeat?

Ah I'm not sure about one in particular but Jeff Buckleys album 'Grace' has been on repeat in the studio for a while now!

What are the processes or inspiration behind the collection?

I try and keep it all as relaxed as possible, introducing new pieces only when I feel they're needed. Not necessarily always moving with new trends or seasons. There's a lot of things I'm excited to create and try that are up in my head, but there's no point doing it all at once if I don't think our customer is quite after it at the moment.

I keep a tumblr blog, and that I think sums up the collections inspirations pretty well. It's full of images and words from favourite artists or photographers, or just random finds. Anything that is sexy and nostalgic, kind of naive and nothing too serious. You can check it out here www.appleaimeecherie.tumblr.com

Is there a signature Aimee Cherie Intimate style?

I think there's definitely a signature piece- our Lola II bralette. It's always the first to sell out, and after doing many variations of it it's still a favourite. It's quintessential I think to the AC Intimates style, a little bit playful and sexy, yet still very relaxed and easy to wear.

I have my fingers crossed you will open a store one day, is this something that is in the plans?

Yes certainly! There's definitely plans in the making to work towards one day having our own store. It's all a matter of the right timing.

The intimates are beautiful and should definitely be seen, but what are your opinions of the side boob & bra craze at the moment?

Ah I guess it's all down to tastefulness of the outfit. A little side boob and a beautiful bra can look incredible, but if it's done in a tacky way then it kind of takes away from the appeal of it. I think the point of a trend like that is that it's a bit naughty and risky, so when you bare all with everything else too it defeats the allure a bit.

You played a role in the creation of Dyspnea as well, we’ve chatted the Dyspnea girls (click here to have a read) do you see a collaboration between the two brands ever?

Never say never! We're great friends and are all building our own thing at the moment, but you never know what the future is going to hold.

What is the best thing about sticking around and keeping your business based in Perth?

The support and new talent. If you keep in touch with everyone there's always new talent popping up, and it's great to work with people that have come from the same place as you, sometimes having gone through the same hurdles.

Is there a mantra that you live by?

I actually just came across a print while browsing the net that reads 'work f**king harder'. Sometimes you need a little push I think to keep going on the days that get too much too handle.

And finally what's next?

Our brand new website just launched and includes a blog we'll now be keeping up to date regularly. It keeps everyone in touch on what's going on and what we've been up too, including chats like this one!


(Images Aimee Cherie Intimates & Aimee Cherie Intimates Tumblr) 

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