What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Get Glowing!

Here at TBFS September means Fashion Week. This means days of staying up way too late, grabbing chips on the way home from an event and generally being rubbish to our body. To give us a kick start for Fashion Week we teamed up with Pure Glow to detox from inside out and get glowing for the weeks ahead.

The gorgeous girls behind the concept offer support prior to, during and after the cleanse so you can stay focused for the best results. We especially loved the bedtime yoga and the delicious teas Annette and Jacqueline included in our cleanses. All of the juices are delicious but our favourites would have to be the glowing greens for a beauty hit (seriously, our skin LOVED US) and the chai vanilla dream to fill us up before bed. 

We highly recommend you try out a Pure Glow cleanse and see the difference for yourself. Your skin will be glowing, you will sleep like a baby and even waking up is easier. Plus summer is just around the corner! (hello summer bodies) 

Check out the website for more info and how to book your own cleanse here and get glowing!

 Everyone loves a good juice....

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    is Matt Bomer. He’s the main character in the USA show White Collar right now. He also had a small rercruing role on Chuck and made a guest appearance in this week’s episode of Glee!

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