What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Aurelio Costarella shines in Paris.

When Aurelio invited me behind the scenes on a super secret shoot at fellow Perth star David Mallett (now expat living in Paris as hairdresser to the stars) I knew it was going to be good but somehow Ray still managed to blow me away!

Stepping into David's converted 17th century apartment salon was like stepping into the world of a grown up and pared back Marie Antoinette. Elaborate taxidermy, high ceilings and gold gilt made this the perfect setting for Aurelio's breathtaking new gowns. 

Showing in Paris for the first time you can see that it is a match made in heaven. Aurelio has truly designed for the quintessential Parisian woman - elegant, confident and a natural beauty she would let the gowns do all the talking for her. David's studio takes the designs to another level making me feel like I was in a dream...check it out!



Thanks to the amazing creative team for having me along, for more check out:


Creative Producer: Paul O'Connor

Photography: Justin Ridler Photographer  

Hair: David Mallett hair  

Makeup: Claire Mulleady makeup  

Designer: Aurelio Costarella  

Stylist: Emily Ward 

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  • rosa on

    one word Breathtaking

  • Emma on

    Gorgeous pictures!

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