NoGlu Paris.

As you can imagine being gluten intolerant in Paris is hard. I found myself irrationally hating anyone who was eating bread near me and trying to convince myself that maybe I COULD eat gluten after all. Thankfully there are a slew of new kids on the block that cater for those of us who cannot have our fill of all the delicious pastry around and provide alternatives so good that even my boyfriend couldn't taste the difference.

NoGlu in the 2nd Arrondissement is a wholly gluten free restaurant and deli where you can indulge in all things bread and pasta without a worry. They also have a cookbook available in Australia which I was given for my birthday and would highly recommend - the flour mixes for bread and cakes are prefect. I have to apologise because these aren't the most beautiful pictures I have ever taken but the food is out of this world. If you find yourself in Paris, gluten intolerant or not, I highly recommend checking this place out!

For entree I chose goats cheese and hazelnut bruschetta. The bread was crisp and did not fall apart. This is rare. I was so excited I felt like crying. There was not a lot of hazelnut and it was more like a cheese toastie however when is a cheese toastie ever a bad thing?

It was burger day on the day we went and I decided that I just had to try it. For those of you on insta you have already seen me declare my love for this burger. OH. MY. GOD. It was huge and cooked medium rare (it was still raw and delicious inside - like a lightly browned steak tartare) with the most perfect gluten free bun I have ever eaten. It kept its shape and the juices in the burger didn't turn it to a huge mushy mess. Speaking of huge it was MASSIVE. Maybe it was because I wasn't used to all the bread and had overloaded on entree but I could only get through about two thirds of this bad boy. 

By dessert I realised I may have got a little TOO excited with my ordering but powered through and I am glad I did because this tart was phenomenal. Topped with fresh raspberries (I die) the vanilla custard and crunchy pastry were a perfect way to end the meal.

After lunch I stopped into the store to pick up some gluten free bread to take home but you can also get sandwiches, tarts and cakes to go! Check it out for yourself at 16 Passage Des Panoramas or on their website here.



  • Boston says...

    Yup, that sholud defo do the trick!

    On Jan 22, 2015

  • Fatih says...

    hello abbey, I was trying to find a pizza dough rcepie and I cannot open the cooking blog. It just goes to a blank screen. If you have one please send it to me. Thank you very much. Love you aunt carol

    On Jan 20, 2015

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