What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Rock The Races With Pocket Rockit.

We’re not horsing around when we say it’s time to suit up. With spring carnival and the polo just around the corner men all over the country are raising the fashion stakes. Wether you’re trying to impress your lady friend or are the lucky lady buying a present for your man, no gentleman should be without a pocket square this season.

(Obsessed with this play on colours for dapper night out.)

We sat down with Brock from Pocket Rockit to share a couple of old fashions and learn the secrets to looking dapper.

Pocket Rockit is such a catchy name - tell us how you came up with it?
A friend and I were floating around the pool one summer’s day, sipping champagne and we were brainstorming business names. There were a lot of pretty bad ones, but credit to her, she threw out the name ‘Pocket Rocket’ - which we evolved it into ‘Pocket Rock-it’.

We love that you are helping the men of Perth (and beyond) get dapper. How should our readers get into incorporating the pocket square into their day to day accessories?
Gents if you are looking to dress to impress, then your first lesson is that the details matter. If the occasion or event you’re attending calls for you to wear a jacket, there are few accessories that can lift your outfit like a pocket square can. Pocket squares can be as formal or as casual as you need and they are great for any social occasion

So start simple. My advice, your first pocket square should be monochrome (black & white in a simple design). Every man owns a suit (it’s usually black) and every man owns a white dress shirt. Add in your monochrome pocket square, maybe a black tie, done! You will notice the difference instantly! For more casual styling; wear your denim jeans, a white tee and your jacket with your monochrome pocket square and you’re off to causal drinks & dinner with friends. Your suit jacket will now seem naked without a pocket square!

When you’re ready to dabble in some colour; check out what is in your wardrobe and pick pocket squares that ‘echo’. Look for hints of ‘that navy blue check shirt’ in a pocket square design and pair together.

I want to steal his pocket square! How can girls get in on the pocket square action?
I do get asked this often by women. A pocket square really is just a cool piece of custom styled fabric. So I feel that if women want to experiment & incorporate pocket squares into their own looks, folded for a jacket pocket or maybe just as causally tied around their wrists, handbags, belt loops etc – good luck to them! We would of course recommend women get their OWN, rather than stealing his….

Talk to us about the shape, Pocket Rockits have 5 sides, why is that?
Yes, it’s actually a pocket pentagon – and why?

Pocket squares have always been a time honoured piece of men’s fashion. I enjoy folding pocket squares and have done so for years. But folding provides you with some limitations, when you have a cool fabric that is sporting an interesting reserve side – and you want to show it off! By removing a corner off the traditional square design, gave you and extra a little window to work with to do that. We also manufacture Pocket Rockit to be a little larger than most pocket squares, which gives you a little more fabric to work with then folding too!

Where would the Pocket Rockit gentleman go out in Perth on a date and for a night with the boys?
Well Dapper Gents should be courting their ladies at some of Perth’s best intimate cocktail venues like Bar Lafayette at Brookfield Place or Varnish on King St. For time out with the lads you all will feel right at home and enjoy the vibrancy at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel or The Stables Bar in the CBD.

(Not just for formal wear we are loving how LA style icon Francis Kenneth rocks this in his down time.)

(The contrast stitch on this pocket square is a great way to dress up a simple outfit.)

(The luxe fabric of Mr Peacock is perfect for your next dress-to-impress date.)

(Not just for the boys - we are scheming ways to incorporating these babies into our wardrobe.....Check out the whole collection here and treat the man in your life to something dapper.)

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