What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Freya Has Us Scrubbing.

We’ve all been there - wearing jeans when it’s 30 degrees in order to shield the public from the monstrosity that has become your legs over winter. While you may have had visions of you parading around like Candice Swanepoel with legs to die for, it’s no secret that we can all be a bit lazy when it comes to skin regimes. Freya’s scrubs are an easy no fuss solution that will not only leave you with the smoothest skin imaginable but also smelling like an ice-cream Sunday. If you would like to win a scrub and give Candice a run for her money, head to Instagram to find out more @theboyfriendshirt!

What inspired you to start Freya’s Coffee Scrub?

My own skin inspired me! I have had sensitive problem skin my whole life, after trying so many alternatives, natural was the way to go.

We love coffee IN our body but what are the benefits of having it on our skin?

Coffee is so packed full of antioxidants, which fight free radicals which promotes good health internally, exfoliate, even skin tone, fight cellulite & fade the appearance of stretch marks. Mixed with other natural ingredients as well it can treat acne, eczema, dermatitis, and help level out skin sebum production (helping oily skin & skin tone). 

You have a few different products up on the website - how do our readers choose what is right for them?

If readers know their skin and what they are trying to target and achieve, the best read is through the benefits section, finding what is right for you! Aphrodite is the most popular as it is a perfect all rounder. Balance has avocado oil that is aimed at more mature skin. The newest scrub on the block is Samudra, which is my only dry scrub! Targeting those women that need an ultimate pre tan scrub. Also all the men out there, rough scrub for the rough men!

With bikini weather right around the corner how can Freya’s help up get into shape?

Summer sun, beach salt & sand are when your skin is at its most vulnerable! Using FCS 2-3 times a week leading up to summer & during (especially Aphrodite & Autumn Leaves) your skin will stay even, fresh, rid of dead skin cells and healthily moisturised. 

What Perth event are you most looking forward to in the coming months?

My favourite event would have to be The Pop-Up Collaborative, run by two beautiful talents ladies - Leona & Freya - they run these events several times a year all around the South West region of WA. So many talented, artistic, soul smiling people come from that region & bringing them all together is a must go to event! 

Favourite secret spot in Perth?

My favorite secret spot in Perth would have to be my best friend and my ‘secret beach’ somewhere near Trigg followed by a coffee at Yelo.

What can we expect next from Freya’s Coffee Scrub?

FCS has just released a brand new scrub, Samudra. There will be more products coming, branching off the coffee scrub to other natural skin products.

Images thanks to Freya's Coffee Scrub

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  • Ram on

    I love making hoedmame scrubs, I find they are so much more effective than some of the commercial ones + they don;t have all those nasty chemicals!

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