What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

K Gets (Us) Organised.


It's no surprise as bloggers we live in a digital world most of the time. Add jobs which involve a lot of screen time and the closest we come to a handwritten note are the post-it notes stuck to said screen. But there is something so wonderfully tactile about paper and a pen. It is so special when we receive a handwritten note or card in the post and the lovely Kelsie from K Gets Organised spoilt us completely with a selection of her beautiful wares to get us organised in style! It has inspired us to step away from the email and take the time to write down our thoughts and send a card or a note to someone special just because!

(Seriously - who could say no to this gorgeous invite!!)

What inspired you to start K Gets Organised?
I was at University and it was a super hot day during study break - I couldn't find exactly what I wanted to help me organise my time so I started creating little pieces. My friends started asking about them so I started making them for other people and now I'm here!

In this digital age receiving a letter or a handwritten note is so special, why do you think that is?
I think people really respect time and effort - we live in an age now where we are far more wealthy than we have ever been so sending and email is something anyone can do. Sending a hand written letter requires so much more of your time that its value is often priceless to its receiver. Pixels on a screen are nothing in comparison to a beautifully hand written letter.

What is your favourite item from your collection at the moment? 
I LOVE my little avocado notepad. I made it as a bit of a joke because I am obsessed with them at the moment and they've turned into one of my best sellers. Look out for some avocado wrapping paper soon!

We are so jealous of your penmanship! Any hints on how to writer a beautiful letter?
Practice. Just like learning to write the alphabet when you were little, you can learn all sorts of penmanship, typography, scripts and lettering styles. I'm a big fan of copperplate at the moment!

What upcoming Perth event are you most looking forward to?
I am SO looking forward to my very first Upmarket BEHIND the stall instead of as a seller. Check out the event here!

What is your favourite secret spot in Perth?
I just love Felix & Co for coffee, Bills Bar for Sunday hang outs, cocktails at Kitsch and you'll nearly always find me at The Brisbane hotel during happy hour (friendly staff, great atmosphere and everything is $8!).

What exciting things are up next for K Gets Organised?
I'm taking a little break over Christmas to bring back SO many new and exciting stationery products next year - keep your eyes peeled paper lovers!

With Christmas fast approaching now is the perfect time to check out Kelsie's store here and order some goodies for yourself or a loved one! With beautifully hand painted designs (Like macarons notepads. OMG. Stop it.) and gift packs to share K Gets Organised is the perfect way to get yourself sorted for the new year.

(PC: Kgetsorganised and TBFS)

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