Sara Winfield.

Sara Winfield is an incredibly talented artists and now swimwear designer. We would happily hang her work on our walls and in our wardrobes any day.
Your art works are beautiful, they always remind me a little of fairy floss with so many pastels and soft colours. The style of your illustrations are very unique though how did you come to settle on a style?
Through trial and error! My obvious references are Del Kathryn Barton and Egon Schiele. I studied them for a while and then found influence from other random artists like Maya Hayuk and Joshua Yelham. I love flipping through fashion and interior magazines… But my main influence is my own little brain and colours. I love colours. Everything I do relates to colour! 
What is the story and inspiration behind your latest collection?
 My debut collection titled SEROTINY is my interpretation of our beautiful Australian landscape. The prints explore native flora an an illustrative way, celebrating earthy tones of greens, plums and browns. While producing this collection, I was also studying the lithographs of naturalist Ernst Haekel, which feature briefly in the prints. At the time of design, I just wanted to celebrate my immediate surrounds and all their beauty.
Do you have a favourite lady that you’ve painted?
My favourite pieces are usually those that were the beginning of a new series or idea. They’r very real and raw and don’t have any pressure placed on them. At the moment I am enjoying all non commissioned work: pieces that I can just create without expectation. 
Can you talk us through the different mediums that you use in your works.
I use acrylic paints, pure pigment inks, pens, fineliners, spray paints.. occasionally oil points or resins if I’m experimenting! I often use tea when applying inks. It happened by accident one day when I mistook my tea for paint water, but it ended up being great! 
You began studying fashion and then left to peruse your artworks full time, and now have come back around to creating a stunning range of swimwear. How do you find the two link together? 
For the first collection, I kept everything quite separate. But after a while I realised that my creative process for art and designing is very similar, and shouldn’t ever be too far apart. They’re similar in that their personal reflections of me, my surrounds and how I’m feeling. A sneak peak into next collection is all about.. habitats!
Do you have a favourite beach in Perth or WA?
Honeycombs Beach
And finally top three things you can’t live without right now…
- My kelpie puppy Augie
-  gluten free weetbix
- the sun

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