What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Palm Swimwear.

Summer is well and truly here, and all we can dream of is hot nights on the beach sipping some sangria in our bathers. Always on the hunt for some new bikinis - because let’s face it you really can’t have too many - Telstra Perth Fashion Festival have answered our prayers with their newest edition to the fashion calendar. The Swim Resort Series will see several of Perth’s newest and best swimwear labels walk down the catwalk this Sunday. We spoke with a personal fave, Palm Swimwear. 

Where does ‘Palm’ originate? Is there a story behind the name?

It didn't take us long to come up with our name. We wanted to choose a simple name that embodies everything we love about living by the beach. PALM represents the experience of summer and a time to break free from the everyday routine and enjoy the natural world around us. We were surprised to see the name hadn't already been taken so we went along with that. It was meant to be!

A girl can never have too many bathers especially those who live in Perth. Did you have a particular muse in mind when designing them?

I find most of my inspiration comes from experience, education, travel, visual imagery and music. My all time fashion icon would have to be Kate Moss but I am also in love with Nicole Warne. Her classic, feminine and clean-cut style always leaves me breathless. She exerts this natural, confident and sophisticated aura and she never overdoes it.

I read that each piece is sustainably made in Bali and is sweatshop free? AMAZING!!!!!

At Palm we are focused on creating a high quality, ethical product. First of all, our swimwear is designed to last! We do not believe in fast fashion so instead we opt for high quality fabric choices, focus on fine tailoring and engage our customers in product care. Wherever possible we source high-quality, Eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

Thought has gone into making every aspect of the business more sustainable including the design, production and packaging of each product, from conception through to delivery on your doorstep. We work very closely with our production team and staff to ensure that everyone is happy, safe and gaining their fair share. I am not saying we are perfect, we have much to improve on. The current market in the fashion industry poses restrictions such as affordable processes and available materials. Our aim is to choose the most sustainable option available to us at that time. 

What does summer hold for you guys? Any key silhouettes we should keep an eye out for when it comes to strutting our stuff at the beach?

Our new collection remasters the basics through sleek silhouettes, clean lines and fresh palettes. We like to think of our pieces as core, staple pieces that can be mixed and matched in different ways, adding to a woman's own individual style. We have extensively expanded range from last season so you will a few new designs as well as our best seller ALOR. Keep an eye out for our new bra-style bikinis that can also be worn as undergarments.

Any thing big in the works that you can share or give us a clue about?

We are currently working on new prints and limited edition pieces for our new collection. We are also traveling to India for 4 months, which I am sure, will give me an abundance of inspiration.

Any tips for keeping our bathers in tip top condition when they become the only item of clothing you wear in summer?

Although we try to source UV protected, high-quality fabrics, it is always important to applying the golden rules when looking after your PALM bikini. Cold hand wash using mild detergent after every time you wear your bikini (especially in chlorinated water), avoid rough surfaces, tinted oils and lotions, do not leave in direct sunlight to dry and do not ever tumble dry or iron.

Have you got a favourite poolside spot or beach in Perth that you love to hang out at?

There are so many amazing spots in Perth but I would have to say there is nothing better than taking my dog down to the beach in South Fremantle or North beach. I also love Mullalloo beach when there is no wind and it's not too busy. Sailing on the swan river is also on the top of my list. 

Is there a mantra or saying that you live by?

I have two; "be your own hero" and "The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."

 Images Thanks to Palm Swimwear for TPFF Swim Resort Series 2104


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