What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

The Low Down on Distribution Lane.

Distribution Lane is the newest bespoke event space in Fremantle that is making serious waves!


Depending on your mood you can hang out on the crate chairs and tables in the laneway and back open air space or if you are craving something a bit more sensual (first date anyone) head downstairs to the speakeasy straight out of our wildest dreams.


Indulge in some hush puppies or, if you are craving food straight out of the USA ask for the fried chicken or pulled pork roll from Soul Provider Catering. We were cheeky and got some pulled pork ON our hush puppies (gf friendly for the win) and it pretty much killed the conversation as we were so focused on the crazy good flavours!


Our favourite drink of the day was the tipsy coconut. Not quite sure what is in these bad boys but it tasted like pure heaven. Unfortunately these aren’t running anymore but console yourself with the seriously good temperanillo, served in tall cups so they are safe for people who like to talk with their hands.


It was an awesome way to spend the afternoon and the pop up is open until March 9 but don’t stress, the fun doesn’t end there. Hit up crew@distributionlane.com to enquire about hiring the space for your next birthday, event, wedding or just get some friends together to have a party!


We also heard whispers that the crew will be doing regular events at the space with potential for more full pop ups as the year progresses - we don’t want to give too much away but the words mulled wine were uttered…


Grab your friends and lovers and make a point to head down over the next two weeks and follow at @distributionlane on insta for more updates!

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  • Lou on

    Hey Ezra, Sorry about the delay! If you flick the guys at Distribution an email at crew@distributionlane.com they should be able to sort you out!

    Lou :)

  • ezra on

    Good morning guys! I am looking to hire this for the 4th of september? can you please contact me 0433 491 844

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